Future Drought Fund hands out $1.4 million in round one with more to follow

Regional communities are expected to share in more than $1.4 million to help them better prepare for drought under the Future Drought Fund’s Networks to Build Drought Resilience program.

There are 33 grants paid out in round one, ranging from $10,000 to $139,000 to support community projects to build local drought resilience. For details of where the grants will land, see this link. here.

So far the program has focused on local initiatives to enable agricultural communities to better prepare and stay strong in drought.

The aim is to build drought resilience on a local level benefits the entire agriculture sector. The stronger individual communities are, the more robust our industry becomes as a result.

Round one saw funding going to a wide mix of projects, including in South Australia the Women Learning Together Ambassador Network, supporting women in agriculture; in Queensland, training for fruit and vegetable growers in mental health and wellbeing.

In addition in Victoria, events that bring people together to workshop approaches to build resilience and collaboration; and in New South Wales a forum for future farmers to build awareness of practical solutions to manage the stresses associated with drought.

These are just a few of the projects already underway to boost community connectedness and help local communities better prepare for drought.

The $3.75 million Networks to Build Drought Resilience program is part of a total investment through the Future Drought Fund of $19.2 million in leadership, mentoring, community capacity building to help build drought resilience.

Interested organisations are encouraged to apply directly for the second grant round to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal. Applications are open until 15 November 2021.

For more information on the Future Drought Fund and the Networks to Build Drought Resilience program visit here.

Behind the $5 billion Future Drought Fund

  • The Networks to Build Drought Resilience is a program under the Australian Government’s $5 billion Future Drought Fund.
  • The Future Drought Fund provides a secure, continuous funding of
    $100 million per year for drought resilience initiatives.
  • Through the Networks to Build Resilience program, the Australian Government’s investment together with a $1.125m contribution from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal will enable $4.5 million to be available for on-ground projects in two funding rounds.
  • Eligible organisations can apply directly for the second grant round which is currently open for applications until 15 November 2021.