Gason Air Seeder is a season favourite with a 21300 litre capacity

The latest release Gason 2210 air seeder holds 21,300-litres across three individual bins, it offers a variable rate and can be fitted with options including load cells on each bin, a pasture planter and a large capacity 280mm (11-inch) load/unload auger

Making sure they are noticed this season, Gason’s 2210 air seeder is the company’s biggest to date. The 21,300 litre capacity is made up from three bins with a 32/41/27 split.

Growers are embracing this combination as it offers more options when it comes to extend the time between refilling. 

A load cell option allows independent monitoring of each bin and this allows precise on-the-go management of product usage.

Gason’s low profile bins offer immediate walk through access to bin lids and this design also makes sure filling is easy to manage. There is no need to be on top of the bin or bend down to unlatch the lids. 

Because the handrails remain in place during filling, it makes this huge air seeder one of the safest on the market for bin access.

It also has a robust and reliable hydraulic drive metering system with manual override to ensure nothing will stop you from completing the task at hand.

Gason’s 2210 air seeder can be specified with a high capacity 280mm (11-inch) diameter auger that is able to shift wheat at a rate of 1200kg/min to ensure quick filling times. The auger hopper can also be maneuvered under all three bins for emptying as required. 

The series is available in Front Tow and Rear Tow models.

The Rear Tow version has the latest positive steer system to allow for minimal turn radius at headlands. The SR (Side Release) meterbox is fitted as standard to this model and ensures easy access to the meterwheel assemblies when changing products.

External and internal bin lights are also supplied as standard. An optional 600-litre small seeds box with load cells can provide the ultimate system for monitoring seed usage.

Gason’s other high capacity air seeder is the 2170 with 17,250 litre capacity.

Monitor options available for Gason seeders are the Farmscan 7500, Topcon X35 and Topcon ISOBUS controller, Trimble Field IQ controller and the John Deere Rate Controller to attach directly to your 2630 or Gen 4 monitor.