Gason mounted bins give ability to monitor separately

Gason 2170 and 2210 air seeders are triple bin models able to cover every possible metering requirement and can be configured as tow-behind or tow-between units, with a bin split of 32/41/27

Gason has released the 2170 and 2210 air seeders with respective capacities of 17,250 and 21,300-litres for planting where precision is important, along with easier management of product.

Each model is loaded with 3 individual bins, variable rate and can be fitted with options including load cells on each bin, pasture planter and quick action 28cm (11-inch) auger.  Monitoring options include Farmscan, Topcon, Trimble and a John Deere dry rate controller.

These models have the ability to monitor and self-calibrate each bin if fitted with load cells. This is ideal for operations that require the added advantage of being able to set and monitor different product for each individually mounted bin.

These triple bin models also have every possible metering requirement covered as they are can be configured as tow-behind or tow-between units, with a bin split of 32/41/27.

Gason has an advantage many growers look for as they build air seeders designed exclusively for our local market. With Gason engineers right on top of any design improvements their customers request.

Part of the most recent upgrades is seen on the metering system of the 2170 and 2210 models. Scales are provided for calibration of each bin separately and with this hydraulic drive metering system it is easily monitored from the cab. Once the product is collected, the weight is entered into the monitor and this automatically calculates the correct ground speed and will deliver the required rate without any further calculation from the operator.

With these triple bin models obviously access is important, and Gason has provided a safe environment with a full-length walkway. Access is from either the front or rear and while the walkway is fixed to the left side of the cart, there is also access between each of the bins.

Bin lids are therefore easy to access as well and are latched down securely. To aid with their full opened are gas struts that can also be locked into a fixed position.

Gason has put some time into the bin design to assure product flows freely while building the bins from quality 3mm thick steel. The fill height is 3.45m.

Gason fits its own designed and built hydraulically driven air supply fan to these carts. Positioned near the hitch up front it can be set to deliver six lines of warm air through 15mm lines.

The information able to be gleaned from the 2170 and 2210 air seeders while in working mode starts with the sensors, and Gason has every point covered on these models.

These all-Australian designed models are available for pre-season delivery by calling Tel: 03 5352 2151, Fax: 03 5352 4695, or while full model details are at: