How to get the Househam advantage

Why should I buy a Househam. Every farmer should ask this question, not only of Househam but any Self-Propelled Sprayer being considered.

Househam has been manufacturing SP Sprayers for over 20 Years and supplying Worldwide. They are built with pride in the UK.

From the first Househam Self propelled sprayer being constructed from a Ford Dexta tractor and a Bedford cab. Forward control driving position has remained with the recently released MERLIN, sporting what can only be described as a deluxe operator enclosure. The ever-popular AR series and also the SPIRIT both support a forward control driving position.

New on the block, now under test in the UK prior to worldwide release is the PREDATOR.

The big advantage is the operator can see the ground in front and observe possible hazards and take appropriate action.  This is not the case with front mounted engine machines.

Balance and weight distribution should be considered. All Househam sprayers are designed to maintain, as near as possible, a constant even distribution of weight over all wheels. The AR (Registered AIR RIDE) system is both load sensing and compensating through the air suspension system independent of load capacity.

Crop clearance is important. Househam can supply ground clearance to suit from the “standard” of 850mm to 1.8m. Machines are also available with variable height back frames.

Chemical tanks construction. Househam produce both GRP and stainless-steel tanks with either integrated double skin fresh water tanks in the stainless range or “piggy back” in the GRP range. Tank capacity ranges from 3000 to 6000-litres.

Chemical induction, whether liquid or pelletised is by way of side mounted hopper available in sizes to suit from 25 to 60-litres. Some manufactures with high clearance units position induction hopper beneath the machine.

Back to basics. Househam offers a very comprehensive warranty. You don’t get a warranty period that the manufacturer does not believe in. But sometimes things do not go as predicted. Househam backs up with rapid assistance whether it is just a “how do I do this” to localised technical back up and spare parts distribution.

For more specialised spraying solutions and training for operators Househam has developed in-house technical training programs in the UK. This training is also given to all operators worldwide on delivery of the best sprayer investment any grower will make.

Not enough to convince you. Contact Househam now and they will put you in direct contact with other Househam owners that will tell you about the Househam advantage.

Contact David Sutherland at Househam Sprayers Australia on tel: 03 9111 2639, mobile 0419 364 857. Or see the Househam website at