GME adds a safety aspect with wireless push-to-talk UHF CB radio accessory

With the release of the first of its kind wireless module to connect a UHF CB radioto Bluetooth® GME adds safe hands free access

GME has introduced an all-new XRS™ Connect Bluetooth® Interface Module and Wireless PTT hands free connection called the XRS-BT1

Australia’s leading communication and safety brand, GME, has successfully launched a wireless push-to-talk UHF CB radio accessory, the XRS-BT1.

The all-new XRS-BT1 is the latest addition to GME’s extensive range of RF communication devices.

The product features an interface module bringing Bluetooth® audio connectivity and wireless Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality to the full range of XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radios.

Developed for use within farm and professional vehicles this model will also be useful for recreational vehicle users as the device provides a much-improved way for remote and regional drivers to stay connected.

With safety concerns at the core of the XRS-BT1 innovation, users will now be able to connect their GME UHF CB radio directly to Bluetooth® accessories, such as headphones and vehicle stereo systems, enabling high-quality audio for users.

The device even includes Bluetooth® connection between UHF CB radios and is highly inclusive as it works with compatible hearing aids, allowing users who are hearing impaired to be able to discern radio transmissions without any interference.

The XRS-BT1 interface module provides full Bluetooth® audio connectivity and wireless PTT (Push-to-Talk) functionality to the full range of XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radios

The Push-To-Talk button allows farm machinery operators to use their UHF CB radio while navigating difficult manoeuvring and working conditions and for drivers working across paddocks and rough terrain when they would much prefer to keep both hands on the wheel. 

The XRS-BT1 kit is very well thought out as it comes with a plethora of accessories to cater to the needs of drivers in just about all conditions.

These accessories include a dash mounting option and a wired microphone for farmers who need quick, hands-free communication while working along long rows to alert any changes in conditions, to call for a new grain cart or even a breakdown for instance.

The XRS-BT1 kit will also find ready space in truckies cabs who want to communicate on the go, as well as for caravaners while navigating new landscapes and dialled into Channel 18 to stay connected.

GME’s head of marketing and product Tony Crooke commented: “We’re proud to introduce yet another market-leading product to help keep Aussies safe when they’re travelling out on the roads or in rural areas.

“Drivers that install the XRS-BT1 kit can now talk on their UHF radio while driving, without needing to pick up the microphone.

“Safety and quality is our passion, and like all of our products before it – the  XRS-BT1 has undergone rigorous testing to ensure years of reliable performance in harsh Australian conditions,” Tony Crooke proudly added.

What’s included with the XRS-BT1

Included in the kit is an adjustable steering wheel clamp which provides a simple mounting solution for the IP67 wireless PTT button, and a wired hands-free microphone with a 1.8 metre cable for easy mounting options.

The PTT clamp design provides access to the battery without the need to remove from the steering wheel, plus, the PTT can also be removed from the clamp and mounted to an alternative location using the dash mount kit supplied.

Key functions

  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology – Audio and Data
  • Connect to Compatible Bluetooth® Audio Devices
  • Wireless Push-to-Talk
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Clamp
  • IP67 Ingress Protection (XRS-PTT)
  • Wired Push-To-Talk Input

In the box

  • Bluetooth Interface Module 
  • Wireless PTT and Steering Wheel Clamp (XRS-PTT) 
  • Pillar Mount Microphone (MC014) 
  • PTT Dash Mount Kit 
  • 2mm Silicone Sleeve 
  • Optional Accessory: 1.8m Unterminated PTT Cable (LE124) 
XRS-BT1 wireless push-to-talk UHF CB radio accessory from GME is the safest solution to communicate while travelling off-road with hands-free connection

GME antenna and CB Radio accessories are renowned for being rugged, consistent, and reliable, built to withstand the harshest land and water environments.

GME communications hardware and accessories include microphones, mounting hardware, plugs, sockets and replacement whips for wherever your work or next adventure takes you.

For anyone working or travelling in remote areas or rugged bushland, you can make sure you’re ready and able to communicate with others in your vicinity with the latest range of GME radios, antennas and accessories.

GME is the leading name in radio communication and continues to manufacture its innovative products in Australia. With strict quality control and focus on their customer’s needs.

Available now, the all-new XRS-BT1 is the safe hands-free communication addition you need for operating farm machinery and driving regional country roads has a recommended retail price of $199.00. 

The complete stockist list for immediate availability can be seen on this link.