Goldacres buys AgServe Goomalling dealership and sets up a WA hub

Local spraying manufacturer Goldacres, based in Ballarat VIC, has bought the AgServe Goomalling WA dealership to set up a major selling and service hub for its leading range of trailed and self-propelled sprayers. The business will be trading as Goldacres Spray Centre Goomalling moving forward.

There has already been a 21-year connection between Agserve and Goldacres where the dealership has sold and serviced sprayers throughout the central Wheatbelt, creating a noticeable market share in the process.

Goldacres has even refined its design and build to suit growers in WA through feedback from the Agserve dealership.

Former dealer principle of Agserve Goomalling, Greg Baird will continue working with the Goldacres Spray Centre so there will be no interruption to service and sales during the transition and also going forward.

This acquisition by Goldacres is quite unique as it sees a manufacturer transition to a fully pledged dealership in an operation that will concentrate in building up market share of its own model range.

Goldacres has been one of our most successful local manufacturers with a 40 year history of growth, to become one of the most popular spraying lines.

Started by John Richards, the business management team now includes sons Stephen and Roger and their core value of building for what the market needs, is still obvious by the number of successful sales the brand generates.