Goldacres embraces forty years with an innovative sprayer Expo in 2018

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The full range of iconic Goldacres spray rigs will be on show at the 40th Expo on Wednesday and Thursday 21 and 22 February 2018 – take the chance to see this world class manufacturing operation for yourself and take a test drive

From its inception four decades ago in 1978, Goldacres has prospered by constantly reinvigourating its products and business practices to keep up with a fast changing agriculture landscape.

Following a simple philosophy, “To put farmers in the driver’s seat of best fit technology to make them outstanding in their field”. Goldacres are driven by four core values, innovation, uncompromising quality, adaptability and lastly, being courageous. Values that’s led Goldacres on a journey to where they are today, offering customer based spraying solutions that take them forward with complete confidence.

Goldacres sprayers are proudly built right here in Australia by a dedicated team that know how to turn ideas into reality and as such deliver “Australia’s world class sprayers”

Goldacres started in central Victoria in the county town of St Arnaud when founder John Richards saw a growing need for locally made spray equipment. John was able to obtain some good suppliers and sourced parts locally and from around the world to develop what is believed to be one of the first Australian made spray rigs.

Compared to current specs these early sprayers were very basic with trailing models at only 1000-litre capacity and 10m booms armed with very simple controls. But these models were well built and better than many others at the time.

A dealer network soon followed and the Goldacres spray business started to become a household name throughout the Wimmera and Mallee region of Victoria as the spray units became widely accepted.

Goldacres’ ability to manufacture sprayers to suit local agriculture conditions has seen the business constantly evolve to cater for the varying needs of growers and contractors that require efficient and quality models.

In the late 90’s Goldacres attained a milestone when it went on to produce its first self-propelled sprayer and as a result outgrew the original St Arnaud Vic manufacturing plant. A new plant was built in Ballarat Vic in early 2000 and it’s now the headquarters for Goldacres and the base for large trailing sprayers and the full line of self-propelled models.

The original St Arnaud plant is still in operation and produces some of Australia’s finest 3pl, tray mount and trailing sprayers up to 3000-litre capacities.

Today the evolution continues with Goldacres producing the most comprehensive sprayer range made in Australia while employing around 160 staff over the two manufacturing sites.

Current Goldacres’ sprayers bear little resemblance to the spray rigs of the seventies. Now tank capacities amass up to 8,000-litres and boom widths go out to 42m. And the addition of self-propelled units to the range now makes up to 50 per cent of sprayers sold.

But one thing has remained constant – Goldacres’ ability to produce world class spray equipment to suit Australia’s leading growers and contractors.

In 2018 Goldacres will celebrate 40 years in the spraying industry and will kick off the year with a 40th Expo on Wednesday and Thursday 21 and 22 February.

The expo will showcase the latest range of spraying innovations as well as factory tours and ride and drives of the latest models.

Goldacres welcomes all past and future customers to contact their local dealer for more details about attending the 40th Goldacres Expo. Call for your nearest dealer on tel: 03 5342 6399 or go to