Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser at home in Western Victoria

The agile Goldacres G6 crop Cruiser Series 2 is a top performer in the high rainfall area of Lake Bolac
Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2
Western Victorian farmer Charlie Vallance says his Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2 is a big step up from the previous model

Charlie and Neil Vallance of Aberfoyle farms are located in the heart of Western Victoria at Lake Bolac. Their mixed farming operation is a second-generation farm in one of the country’s most consistent agricultural growing areas.

The western districts can produce consistently good seasons which can equate to very wet and boggy farming, thus needing a sprayer that’s suited for those conditions.

When it comes to spraying, Neil and Charlie chose the Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser self-propelled sprayer for its mechanical 4WD, light tare weight and industry leading boom ride.

“The weight of the sprayer is paramount to its performance. It allows me to keep spraying longer and get back on the paddocks sooner after rain events,” Charlie said.

The light weight of the machine ensures less soil compaction, less wheel tracking, while greatly reducing the risk of bogging.”

Charlie and Neil recently took delivery of their 3rd G6 Crop Cruiser and are impressed with the multiple upgrades on the Series 2. 

“It was a great time to update from the previous sprayer with the new G6 Crop Cruiser having faster filling and a riveted boom,” Charlie said.

On the Series 2 a 3-inch transfer pump is now fitted as standard. This pump combined with high-flow plumbing provides flow rates of up to 1150 l/min. Mounted after the fill pump outlet is a pressure transducer and electric 3-inch ball valve which are used by the G-Hub system to control both the fill rate and tank level soft shut off.

Product tank filling features “clean” and “dirty” 3-inch connection points.

The Clean point is for clean water suction via the on-board fill pump. Clean water can be distributed throughout the sprayer. 

The Dirty point is for pre-mixed water and chemical transferred directly into the main product tank from a batching plant.

In both cases the tank auto-filling feature is available to use. 

All other manual valves are used to direct the chemical from the transfer pump and the probe connection points.

Neat chemical transfer is now done using a pneumatic twin diaphragm high-capacity pump (fitted as standard). The pump features large diameter diaphragms to create large amounts of suction, ideal for high viscosity chemicals.

The neat chemical can be delivered directly to the product tank or diverted to the chemical induction hopper where it can be measured and then transferred to the product tank. Tests have shown 40 l/min of high viscosity chemicals can be transferred.

The All new TriTech RivX boom in sizes 36-42m features even greater boom stability and rigidity, largely due to the design and construction of the steel inner wings and aluminium and steel composite outer wings.

Boom inner, outer and breakaway structures are a symmetrical construction meaning left and right wings are the same either side. This aids manufacturing efficiencies and dealer parts stocking.

The new RivX design incorporates outer wings constructed using a mixture of steel and aluminium sections with high strength structural rivets. This method eliminates welding of the aluminium, vastly improving the fatigue strength of the wings. Tests have demonstrated that the RivX outer wings can withstand 300% more flexes than the equivalent welded boom.

Hydraulically operated outer boom wing folding replaces the cable drum fold mechanism on the 36 and 42m booms and incorporates hydraulic bi-fold into the design.

“The choice of self-propelled sprayers available on the market is quite large and all do a great job, but the Goldacres just does it better,” Charlie said.

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