Goldacres G6 Series 2 Sprayer much appreciated industry advancement

This big capacity high clearance Self Propelled G6 Series sprayer from Goldacres is much easier to manage through G-Hub, and offers an advanced boom structure

Goldacres G6 Series 2 Sprayer is a much appreciated advancement

Dealers that placed early orders for Goldacre’s Series 2 G6 Crop Cruiser and with deliveries about to start are sitting on a goldmine

The updated model design has been based on feedback from owners and operators, combined with engineering advances added by Goldacres. The resultant final factory reveal is a major step forward.

The self-propelled G6 Series 2 will meet the ever increasing demands from large-scale dryland farming enterprises and contractors that want higher-capacity and high-clearance to match their work load.

Designed, engineered and built in Ballarat Vic, Goldacres are well aware of our local farming conditions and have produced a model that fits the bill perfectly.

Operators will be treated to exceptional power to weight ratios, an industry-leading boom ride, unmatched fuel efficiency and world leading spraying technology.

A reliable Cummins Tier 3 QSB 6.7-litre 6-cylinder engine gives you everything you need.

Rated at 168kw (225hp) and 949Nm it offers a 2 stage torque curve for maximum driveline life without compromising performance.

TriTech RivX booms of 36 to 42m on the Series 2 offer increased stability and rigidity due to construction of steel inner wings and outer wings that are composed of both steel and aluminium and joined with high-strength structural rivets

Its backed up down the driveline by an Allison 2500 Series 6-speed transmission with an electronic push-button selector. Double overdrive reduces engine revs but it still cruises at a 50kph transport speed.

Goldacres has used operator feedback to design what could be argued as the most user friendly interface currently available, the G-Hub. The display is intuitive in every way for the operator, with inbuilt help and diagnostic functionality.

Central to its design and performance, the G-Hub has positioned all controls and information at the operator’s fingertips.

The G-Hub also contributes to the external filling and cleaning system and the machine’s fast fill capacity. You simply enter the desired tank volume, connect the fill hose and the

G-Hub system will automatically shut off when fill volume is met.

The G-Hub has at its heart a full colour 125mm (5-in) screen and 10-button panel to control all fill and clean functions with the push of a button.

Located in the storage compartment, the screen and button panel are mounted on an adjustable RAM bracket that positions controls at the operator’s ideal location.

In addition, the G-Hub system also manages all the liquid control valves that in turn operate all chemical induction, agitation and cleaning functions.

This ergonomic and robust package offers many smart functions that are built into the

Inside the cab G6 Series 2 operators have all the information they will need along with full control at their fingertips with the combination of the integrated G-Hub display and the G-Motion handle

software to lessen the burden on the operator and makes the machine easy to operate.

Integral to the G6 Series 2 ease of operation is the G-Motion handle that puts the sprayer control into the palm of the operators hand.

Without moving your hand from the G-Motion handle, you can control functions such as boom tilt, lift and lower, auto-steer, cruise control and spray on and off.

And while these cabin control additions would be enough to entice buyers, Goldacres has gone a step further with significant advances in boom spray performance on the G6 Series 2.

Take a look at the Tritech RivX boom and you will feel how it offers even greater stability and rigidity than the original TriTech boom which ran a three-way suspension on first generation G6 releases.

The much improved Tritech RivX boom gets its performance upgrade from a boom construction with steel inner wings and outer wings that are composed of both steel and aluminium with joint surety completed with high-strength structural rivets.

The design behind this construction method allowed Goldacres to eliminate aluminium welding and this vastly improved the fatigue strength of the wings to the point of 300% more flexes than an equivalent welded boom.

Outer wings constructed of both steel and aluminium joined with high-strength structural rivets eliminates the need for aluminium welding, vastly improving the fatigue strength of the wings. Tests suggest the RivX outer wings can withstand 300% more flexes than the equivalent welded boom

TriTech RivX booms are available in 36 to 42m widths with an option of up TriTech V boom out to 48 metres.

Goldacres has designed an hydraulically operated outer boom wing fold system to replace the cable drum mechanisms on the 36 and 42m booms. This includes a breakaway function that will protect the boom in the event of a collision.

All boom plumbing has been increased to 25mm (1-inch) and this allows for increased spray application rates, reduced pressure drop along the length of the boom and industry

leading recirculation.

Improve spray application performance advancement on the G6 Series 2 is from the optional ISOBUS compatible AutoBoom XRT height control.

This compilation of radar sensing technology with simultaneous ground and crop detection is able to maintain the desired spray height for maximum coverage across all surfaces.

AutoBoom XRT is not affected by temperature, spray drift, dirt, dust or mud and offers five non-contact sensors and this gives the operator the best accuracy possible.

The operator workstation area and fill system has been totally redesigned to

dramatically reduce sprayer refill times – more than twice the fill rate of the previous model series.

In addition, the new system offers many more functions but still retains its easy to use philosophy.

All the induction systems, including the hopper, have increased capacities and all fill and flush functions are now controlled with electric valves with the push of a button via the G-Hub display.

A 76mm (3-in) transfer pump is now fitted as standard. This pump combined with high flow plumbing provides flow rates of up to 1150-litres/min.

Goldacres G6 Series 2 offers an optional fully integrated water and chemical transfer pump, and fast fill 76mm (3-inch) systems. The 60-litre chemical induction hopper is an integrated chemical transfer system that allows liquids, granular and powdered products to be measured and transferred into the main tank.

Neat chemical transfer is now done using a pneumatic twin diaphragm high capacity pump (fitted as standard). The pump has large diameter diaphragms to create large amounts of suction, ideal for high viscosity chemicals.

The neat chemical can be delivered directly to the product tank or diverted to the chemical induction hopper where it can be measured and then transferred to the product tank.

Tests have shown 40-litres/min of high viscosity chemicals can be transferred. A larger 550 litre rinse water tank is now fitted for increased rinsing capacity.

The hydraulic system on the G6 Series 2 has also been completely revised.

A major improvement has been the implementation of a closed centre variable stroke hydraulic pump with load sensing that delivers more than 100% greater peak flow capacity than the previous model.

The Series 2 fuel tank has also been increased in size by 50 per cent to 450-litres to deliver a greater spraying range. 

The G6 Series 2 inherits all the proven features of the previous G6 including the rigid chassis, suspension and mechanical driveline system. The main chassis is a fully welded, torsionally rigid semi truss structure.

This offers excellent sprayer and boom ride and a balance between strength and weight.

The 5-link suspension is fitted with polyurethane bushed heavy-duty torque rods, rear anti-sway bar and air springs on all four corners.

This provides a stable, smooth ride and combined with the full mechanical driveline delivers performance on the ground where it is needed.

Goldacres G6 Series 2 is rolling off the production line and the order book is already full for a model that was expected to lead by example, and it has. Check for the next available delivery from your local Goldacres dealer or go to: