Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed sprayers with 10,000 litre product capacity

Goldacres has packed everything you can think of into a trailed sprayer range that makers worldwide envy with the capacity to carry 10,000 litres of product and built for success

If you choose to fit a Goldacres RivX boom it can be auto folded through the G-Hub system and with breakaway sections fully riveted the transport width on 24 to 36m booms is under 3.5m

Expectations of the final equipment that Goldacres’ will arm its Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers with will not disappoint a strong band of buyers anxiously waiting to fill-in their specific model updates.

What will surprise buyers of Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 models is that their wish list of extra that many operators are expecting to add-on, will already be included on models sitting in the showroom.

This is because Goldacres has taken a unique approach to these trailed models and has made standard many functions that buyers have been adding as optional extras on the series these Prairie Pro Series 2 models are replacing.

From the time these models hit the dealer yards, it is estimated that 90% of them will satisfy buyer requirements and they will offer one of the best value packages to date for a trailed sprayer.

And while the high capacity 10,000 litre Prairie Pro Series 2 model has captured much of the interest from operators planning on spending more time in the paddock between fills, armed with a choice of a 36m RivX boom or a tri-folding 48m Tritech V series booms, the other three models in the range are also gaining traction.

Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed sprayers are designed to cover more ground in a day with a 10,000 litre capacity product tank and a choice of a 36m RivX boom or tri-folding 36 or 48m Tritech V series boom

Equally as well armed with the most up-to-date filling and application technology available are the 5000, 6500, and 8500 litre Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed models.

This flagship series of sprayers for Goldacres has cemented the company into the top-selling bracket since their release in 2015, and it’s a sign of current grower demands that sees the company making changes to an already successful product.

And Goldacres engineers did not disappoint.

Production line Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed sprayers will cater for every farm operation with models armed with the cleanest filling methods and highest possible spray application accuracy, designed to save on costly chemical inputs.

All of this is matched perfectly with Goldacres own G-Hub sprayer control system with a 127mm (5-inch) screen and keypad at the fill station, the further option of a 305mm (12-inch) colour touch screen inside the tractor cab.

This system turns any operator into a consummate professional with all functions able to be accessed easily and operated with a minimum of fuss.

There will be very little for the operator to do on the Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed sprayers as the G-Hub sprayer control system will manage the liquid control valves to operate chemical induction, agitation, and cleaning functions

To assist operators from the very start of the process, G-Hub can take-over the tank fill volume requirements and automatically shut off the pump and fill valves once the required fill is met.

If you put the two Prairie Pro Series models side-by-side, you will notice Series 2 models are built with a higher platform and that makes access to the tank much easier.

And take a look underneath and you will see a totally new chassis design that allows for an adjustable height pull that makes it much easier to connect all the different tractor drawbars.

Apart from the much narrower profile on Series 2 models with the pump relocated to the right-hand side chassis and the larger rinse tank now moved to the chassis. The spray plumbing had also been totally revised to allow for higher fill and application rates.

And now as standard on the showroom floor, the boom has an ISOBUS controller, and the plumbing in either 10 or 16 sections is fitted with rapid fire nozzle switching and rapid flow boom recirculation.

A great choice of boom options will draw many buyers to the Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed sprayers with RivX boom widths from 24 to 36m and for a tri-folding TriTech V series booms 36 and 48m

RivX and Tritech V booms

One of the main decisions left to the operator at Prairie Pro Series 2 purchase time will be what boom to fit.

Choose from a fully riveted RivX boom in widths of 24 to 36m, or a 36 or 48m boom from the tri-folding TriTech V series.

Depending on the model chosen, Goldacres engineers recommend boom fitment as follows.

RivX booms in widths of 24, 28 and 30m on the 5000L, 30 to36m booms on the 6500L, with 36 and 48m Tritech V booms for both the 8500 and 10,000L models.

RivX booms are credited with lifting the operational standard for trailed spray boom construction and performance with a structural riveted outer boom wing and a hydraulic fold mechanism.

The outer wings are aluminium and are designed with no welded joints and as the inner and outer wings are fully symmetrical both left and right wings are interchangeable.

The RivX booms auto fold system is controlled through the G-Hub system, and in addition to hydraulic folding, the mechanism includes a hydraulic breakaway in the event of a collision with an object. Bi-fold is now a standard function of this design.

For operators purchasing the 8500 and 10,000L models, the 48m TriTech V boom is built for high productivity and efficiency to cover more ground quickly.

The tri-folding design has been updated with revisions to the boom hydraulics to cater for increase strength and usability, as productivity requirements have increased.

Orders for the Prairie Pro Series 2 are being taken now with production lines geared up to fill early orders already placed over the next few months.

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