Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers

Goldacres has revealed an industry topping trailed sprayer with the capacity to carry 10,000 litres of product and armed with a highly accurate and advanced boom structure

This is the greatest make-over of trialled sprayers to date with key functions in a package that will improve production and save on chemical costs

The choice for growers who hover between a Self-propelled or trailed sprayer has just gotten even harder with Goldacres raising the bar with the news of a trailing sprayer that can cart 10,000 litres of product.

This latest entry into the sprayer market is part of the all-new Prairie Pro Series 2 range of trailing sprayers.

Many growers are already running or are familiar with the Prairie Pro model range from Goldacres. This Series has been the company’s flagship trailing model line since its release in 2015.

But as the most active growers are aware, farming practices keep advancing towards the quest for even higher yields, and to keep up with this demand, sometimes a change in direction is required.

The band of successful growers that are aligned to the Goldacres product range went to the company with some added requirements, to achieve a higher level of production, and cut running costs..

They wanted a sprayer range with yet higher accuracy, models with little to no wastage to save on costly chemicals and above all, these growers simply wanted to get more done in the seasonal limited time frames they have to work with.

Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers are designed to cover more ground in a day with a 10,000 litre capacity product tank and a choice of a 36m RivX boom or a tri-folding 48m Tritech V series boom

For Goldacres, they did what they have always done from the very start of their operation, listen to their customers and then set about to satisfy the list of demands. It was time to go big.  

Goldacres engineers took this opportunity, as a natural progression of increased crop production and yields, to design a range of trailed sprayers to work at a high level of production, a level that has never been offered before.

The result of months of hard work and trials has culminated in the Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers that share the very latest filling and application technology from the recently released Crop Cruiser G6 Series 2 model range.

Headlining the Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers range is a capacity topping 10,000 litre model that allows operators to spend more time in the paddock with a choice of a 36m RivX boom or a tri-folding 48m Tritech V series boom.

A stand-out for the Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers is G-Hub sprayer control system that manages the liquid control valves to operate chemical induction, agitation, and cleaning functions

Also available in the range with the most up-to-date filling and application technology available are 5000, 6500, and 8500 litres models.

Goldacres pushed their engineers to the limit on the Prairie Pro Series 2 range and as a result there is a totally new chassis design and adjustable height pull that can be adapted to different tractor drawbars.

In addition, the pull thrust offers a much narrower profile with the pump relocated to the right-hand side chassis and the larger rinse tank now moved to the chassis.

Engineers also opted for a higher platform and with this came an upgraded boom rest design and while this radically changes the appearance of the machine it actually makes access to the tank much easier.

Clean water can be transferred throughout the sprayer at rates of up to 1150 litres/min through a 76mm (3-inch) camlock clean connection point. While an induction hopper with a 60-litre capacity offers chemical transfer rates up to 150 litres/min

Arguably the biggest advancement for the Prairie Pro Series 2 is the inclusion of Goldacres own in house developed G-Hub sprayer control system.

G-Hub comprises a full colour 127mm (5-inch) screen and keypad at the fill station and an optional 305mm (12-inch) colour touch screen inside the tractor cab. This system allows all functions to be accessed quickly and operated with a minimum of fuss.

Operators will appreciate one of the key functions of the G-Hub, the ability to enter a tank fill volume and let the system take-over. While automatically shutting off the pump and fill valves once the fill volume is met.

To cater for a 10000-litre product tank it has meant all the spray plumbing had to be totally revised to allow for higher fill and application rates. Goldacres engineers were up for the challenge.

The boom is now fitted with an ISOBUS controller, and the plumbing is available in either 10 or 16 sections with upgraded Goldacres rapid fire nozzle switching and rapid flow boom recirculation as standard.

The boom options are outstanding for the Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayers with RivX boom widths from 24 to 36m and 48m for a tri-folding TriTech V series boom

RivX and Tritech V booms

Operators can choose to work with a fully riveted RivX boom fitted to the Prairie Pro Series 2 in widths of 24 to 36m, while a 48m boom is also able to be fitted from the tri-folding TriTech V series.

The RivX boom has proven itself on Goldacres’ G6 Series 2 Crop Cruiser with many hours under its belt in the paddock.

For the Prairie Pro Series 2 models the RivX booms are available in widths of 24, 28 and 30m on the 5000L, 30 to 36m on the 6500L, with a choice of 36m and 48m Tritech V booms on both the 8500 and 10,000L models.

RivX booms are instantly recognisable with a structural riveted outer boom wing, bright yellow boom tips and a hydraulic fold mechanism. These booms lift the standard for trailing spray boom construction and performance.

The outer wings are aluminium and are designed with no welded joints. Thin mild steel plates are glued and riveted to the aluminium to produce a very strong truss without any heat effected aluminium areas.

The RivX boom inner and outer wings are fully symmetrical and this means that both left and right wings are interchangeable.

The fold system uses hydraulics and links but, unlike most other booms the hydraulic fold cylinder is retracted when the boom is fully open, this is when the hydraulic cylinder is at its strongest position and there is no chance of bending a cylinder rod.

RivX booms have an auto fold system controlled through the G-Hub system and with breakaway sections fully riveted – the transport width for 24 to 36m booms folds to under 3.5m

In addition to hydraulic folding, the mechanism on RivX booms includes a hydraulic breakaway system in the event of a collision with an object. Bi-fold is now a standard function of this design.

RivX booms also have an auto fold system that is controlled through the G-Hub system.

For operators looking to cover more ground quickly, the 48m TriTech V boom is built for high productivity and efficiency during long stints in the paddock.

With its versatile tri-folding design it’s billed as Goldacres’ most user-friendly boom and can operate economically across 20, 36 and 40m spray widths.

The tri-folding design has had ongoing attention and has been given updates and revisions to the boom hydraulics and construction to cater for increased strength and usability, as productivity requirements have increased for growers.

Production of the Prairie Pro Series 2 is set to commence mid 2022, with orders being taken now.

These are the most exciting trailing models ever released by a local manufacturer and are scheduled to make an appearance at all upcoming field days throughout the year.

Check for the available delivery from your local Goldacres dealer locator on this link or go to:

Prairie Pro Series 2 Specifications

FeaturePrairie Pro 5000LPrairie Pro 6500LPrairie Pro 8500LPrairie Pro 10,000L
ChassisFully welded modular construction 200 x 100 x 9mm RHS with stepped in rear section.Fully welded modular construction 250 x 150 x 9mm RHS.
Stub axle size110mm150mm
Axle typeAirbag suspension – Std
Axle track width2000mm – Standard
3000mm – Optional (other widths on request)
2200mm – Standard
3000mm – Optional (other widths on request)
Wheel & Tyre sizes18.4 x 38 – Std520/85R42 – Std710/70R42 – Std
520/85R42 – Opt520/85R46 – Opt480/80R50 – Opt
480/80R46 – Opt480/80R50 – Opt
480/80R50 – Opt710/70R42 – Opt
MudguardsFull length poly mudguards
Drawbar connectionSwivel tow ring feeder style drawbar connection – Std
80mm ball type drawbar connection – Opt
Parking JackManual – Std
Hydraulic – Opt
Hydraulic – Std
Rate controllerRCM ISO BUS control – Std
G-Hub control system with auto fill features, external display5” external screen with touch panel – Std
G-Hub 12” internal screen and rear view camera kit – Opt
Spray pump260 l/min with hydraulic drive – Std
400 l/min multistage centrifugal – Opt
Agitation pumpN/AOptStd
Filtration1 x suction (per pump), 1 x self cleaning pressure
Nozzle filtersNozzle filters – Std
Water transfer (filling)3” integrated fill point with electric shut off – Std
3” hydraulic pump high flow – Opt
Chemical transferAir powered chemical transfer pump – Opt
Chemical venturi probe – Std
Micromatic rinse socket – Opt
Electric switching between main tank and rinse tank suctionStd
Washdown gunStd
High capacity hydraulic drive oil filled air compressorStd
Main tank drain3” remote operated with cam lock fitting
Main tank capacity5000L6500L8500L10,000L
Rinse water tank capacity500L800L
Tank rinse nozzlesTwin rotating
Boom type and sizeTriTech RivX 24m, 28m & 30mTriTech RivX 24m, 28m, 30m & 36mTriTech RivX 30m, 36m & TriTech V 48mTriTech RivX 36m & TriTech V 48m
Boom breakawayOuter wing break back plus 3D mechanism on last section
Blue boomlightsStd
Hydraulic yawStd
Individual wing tiltStd
Bi-fold outer boom wingStd (Trifold on 48m)
Radar boom level system with 5 sensorsOpt (Std with 48m)
RapidFire with RapidFlow 500mm spacingStd
3TS RapidFire with RapidFlowOpt
3TS ProOpt
Hawkeye PWM system with turn compensation, 16 sections, 250mm spacingOpt
Hawkeye PWM system with turn compensation, 16 sections, 500mm spacingOpt
Hawkeye unlock for individual nozzle controlOpt
500mm broadacre plumbingStd
500mm rowcrop plumbingOpt
Boom plumbed in 10 sectionsStd
Boom plumbed in 16 sectionsOpt (Std with 48m)
Single sided electric fenceline nozzleOpt
Double sided electric operated fenceline nozzlesOpt
Remote grease nipple bankStd
Chemical induction hopper 60LStd
Dimensions3750 H x 3490 W x 8960mm L –
30m TriTech RivX boom
3750 H x 3490 W x 9560mm L –
36m TriTech RivX boom
4550 H x 3490 W x 9900mm L –
36m TriTech RivX boom
4550 H x 4030 W x 9900mm L –
48m TriTech RivX boom