Goldacres Prairie Special 2500 and 3000 Row crop models ideal for horticulture

Goldacres has reinforced their 2500 and 3000 Prairie Special trailed sprayers as the biggest sellers by adding row crop functions for horticulture

Goldacres 2500 and 3000 Prairie Special models are ideal for pasture and broadacre but with a change of tyres the narrow model id now a perfect fit for hoticulture

Two of the most popular models in the Goldacres trailing sprayers range, the small frame Prairie Special sprayers have now grabbed additional market share with the option of adding a row crop function for horticultural buyers.

The 2500 and 3000 Prairie Special models sprayers represent the latest in technology and advanced functions in a package that’s simple to operate, and this is why these models have drawn such a strong following.

Goldacres engineers have always been very careful to ensure the longevity of the Prairie Special models with a design that incorporates elements to ensure maximum strength and performance.

Built into the design are elements such as fully bushed pivot points, precision laser cut components and the best corrosion proof paint system. The chassis is fully welded in a rotating positional jigs to ensure accuracy, repeatability and quality.

The 2500 and 3000 Prairie Special models were already very popular for pasture and broadacre and can now be optioned with a “row crop” function and this takes these models to a broader group of operators for use in the horticultural growers market.

Goldacres Rowcrop Special 2500 and 3000 models have been engineered to make tight end of row turns designed with 90 degree turning articulation

The 2500-lire capacity model is fitted with a 140-lit/min diaphragm pump and a quality Raven Scs450 automatic rate controller. The 2500 model is also fitted with an adjustable track axle with settings of 1800 to 2000mm.

What gives these models further versatility are the wheel option, with 14.9 x 24 wheels and the option of 540/65R28 tyres for wet conditions or 320/90R42 tyres ideal for horticultural operations.

And while the 3000-litre capacity model shares many of the same functions as the 2500, it differs with its narrow tank design which allows an adjustable track width of 1600 to 2000mm.

On the 3000 Prairie Special model a 170-lit/minute pump is fitted, while 420/85R34 tyres are standard with optional 540/65R28 tyres for wet conditions or 380/90R46 tyres for Horticulture operations.

Both the 2500 and 3000 Prairie Special models are based on over 40 years of design principals with “Delta” hydraulic folding booms in working widths from 18 to 24 metres, and offering three-way suspension force.

This Goldacres 3024 Rowcrop special with narrow dimensions is ideal for horticulture rows with 3000-litres of product on board

Delta suspension dampens the forces of Yaw, roll and pitch to aid boom longevity and provide an unmatched boom ride.

A parallelogram lift allows up to 1500mm of boom clearance with an optional individual boom wing tilt available for operating across undulating ground.

Because horticultural row crop spraying is far more intensive than broadacre, due to much tighter headlands, a three-point linkage hitch can now be fitted to allow for over 90 degrees of articulation.

With the Ezi control fitted to the 2500 and 3000 Prairie Special models, it allows the operator complete simple to operate intuitive functionality, from the one command point of the sprayer.

Goldacres trailing sprayers, manufactured locally in Ballarat Victoria, have forged a reputation for strength and reliability across all types of farming operations, throughout the country.

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