Grains research precinct expected to drive crop profits

A new Grains Research Precinct has been opened at Murdoch and Curtin universities to help boost profitability for grain growers and strengthen the national grain industry.

The Precinct will have the task of adding resilience in Australia’s $14 billion grain industry.

The Grains Research Precinct will support cutting-edge work on improved crop productivity and disease resistance by facilitating research into crop pathology, plant physiology and genetic improvement.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has invested $4.5 million to establish the Grains Research Precinct in collaboration with Murdoch and Curtin universities, and the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Over the past five years the Australian Government has invested $357 million in the GRDC in matched payments. This investment continues to support innovative projects right around the country.

Innovation and Research is one of the key themes the government is focusing on in support of industry’s $100 billion in farmgate value by 2030 vision.

The grains and oilseeds industry continues to make a huge contribution in search of that target, with a harvest estimated to be worth $14.7 billion in 2020-21.

Senator for Western Australia Slade Brockman, attending the official opening of the precinct, hailed the new facility as an example of the government partnering with industry to grow the West’s agricultural output, productivity and profitability.

“This research hub will support grain growers both here in the West and all over the nation to grow and innovate and stay on the front-line of grains research, technology and adaptation.

“The fact that we are investing in this crucial infrastructure is a sign of our confidence in WA grain growers and our commitment to seeing them thrive,” Senator Brockman said.

GRDC Chair John Woods said the aim of the GRDC Grains Research and Development Infrastructure Grant program that made the Grains Research Precinct possible was to boost capacity and capability in Australian grain research and development, and to create enduring profitability for grain growers.

“This new Precinct is an excellent example of collaboration between the GRDC and some of our key research partners and will help us continue to deliver critical research, development and extension.

“We have invested in this infrastructure because it will enable crop research in key areas such as disease to be conducted efficiently, while at the same time ensuring GRDC has increased capacity and ability for research that benefits all Australian grain growers.”

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How the Grains Research Precinct was developed:

·       Murdoch University received $4.5 million from GRDC to establish the Grains Research Precinct under a co-investment collaboration with Murdoch and Curtin universities and the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

·       This project’s partners have also committed a combined co-contribution of $2.95m.

·       The collaboration was part of the Grains Research and Development (R&D) Infrastructure Grant program, administered by the Grains Research and Development Corporation, with 15 recipients sharing in $15 million in competitive grants.

·       The investment allowed the development of special glasshouses at Murdoch University and Curtin University, field plots and additional infrastructure works to facilitate world class research.

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