Grant of $1.1 million adds to national traceability arrangements for all horses

The Federal government is providing a $1.1 million towards establishing national traceability arrangements for all horses, and it is expected the funding will contribute to progress towards recommendations from the National Horse Traceability Working Group.

Horses and maintaining their health status are part of the rural social fabric on which Australian agriculture’s continued productivity relies.

Reliable national horse identification and traceability supports good biosecurity, exports, food safety and animal welfare outcomes.

The Federal government said it is prepared to do its part, to support the horse industry and state and territory regulators, to kick-start practical traceability arrangements that benefit the horse industry and community.

Establishing appropriate national arrangements will also help to bolster trading partners’ confidence in our arrangements, including animal welfare attributes — and in turn assist access for horse product exports to markets.

Horse traceability will safeguard our rural and regional industries and communities and the enviable horse health status on which they rely.

Agriculture ministers established the working group, which comprises state, territory and Commonwealth officials as well as horse industry and interest group representatives.

The Federal Government’s funding contribution will support the group to up the tempo on its efforts to resolve recommendations on the form and implementation of national horse traceability arrangements.