Grizzly’s grumpy and tiny


It’s been almost three years since Grizzly released its newest and largest range of tandem offset discs. The ‘Tiny’ range has multiple sizes and configurations to choose from and it comes in the biggest and heaviest model that Grizzly has ever built. Source: AFDJ eNews

Since release it has ploughed some of Australia’s toughest and most rugged country and has taken just about anything customers could throw at it.

It is a testament to Australian engineering expertise to have such a well built and beautifully finished agricultural implement designed and made in Australia for some of the toughest farming country in the world.

The Grizzly name has become synonymous with the rural and agricultural sector of Australia since its beginnings in 1982.

Maintaining its head office and manufacturing facility in the North Western Victorian town of Swan Hill, Grizzly employs over 35 local people in the regional town.

Specialising in ground engaging tractor drawn equipment, Grizzly designs and manufactures disc ploughs, grader blades and deep rippers. But where they really set themselves apart is the huge range of tandem offset disc ploughs they have on offer.

If you want to cultivate soil then Grizzly are the people to speak to. They have small machines like the aptly named Vini-Disc which is suited to tractors down to 35 horse power right up to the not so accurately named Tiny with 42” discs that designed for tractors no smaller than 500 horse power and just about everything in between.

Tiny is turning heads because it covers such a broad application and it has features that farmers want such as narrow transport width, high clearance and options such as non-pneumatic wheels and hydraulic hose protection.

“A lot of our models have names that poke a bit of fun such as the ‘Grumpy’ and when the name ‘Tiny’ got thrown out around the office during the design process it seemed to stick,” Grizzly Marketing Manager Skye Poltrock said

“It rings true with the good old Aussie slang for the biggest guy in the group that gets called Tiny so it seemed to be a perfect match for the heaviest and most robust plough we have ever made.”

Tiny has five key model types within the range to suit the intended application.

  • Tiny 230 has a 9” discs spacing and some with 28” discs and is ideal for general heavy cultivation for both dryland and irrigation applications. The most popular due to its versatility.
  • Tiny 230H has 9” disc spacing but has the ability to take a 32” disc for operators that was great clearance and great depth.
  • Tiny 290 has 11 ½” disc spacing with the ability to take up to a 36” disc. Great for new country with growth and suckers as well as existing country. Huge weight per disc.
  • Tiny 390 has 15” disc spacing with a 36” disc for new and existing farming country where maximum depth is of prime importance. High disc clearance for maximum weight per disc.
  • Tiny 460 has 18” disc spacing with 42” discs. It has maximum weight and maximum clearance to achieve a consistent working depth of over 300mm where mixing soils is of prime importance.

You can contact Grizzly on 1800 637 250 or email for more information.