Growers encouraged to map crops to prevent spray drift damage

All cropping farmers are being encouraged to play their part in preventing off-target spray drift damage by mapping their paddocks.

The cotton and grains industries have led the way in working to prevent spray drift by investing in SataCrop – an all-of-agriculture online mapping platform for growers to use.

Farmers simply log-on to SataCrop, map their paddocks over satellite imagery and colour code their crops, which then helps inform other growers about where sensitive crops are planted when planning their spraying activities.

SataCrop can be used to map all crop types, and growers can change the colour coding of crop types within paddocks to reflect the different planting seasons.

National Farmers’ Federation CEO Tony Mahar said by working together, agricultural industries were generating positive change.

“It is great the cotton and grain industries are taking the lead on this all-of-agriculture issue,” he said.

“By working together and using the various tools and resources we have available, we can collectively solve this all-of-ag issue.”

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said investing in SataCrop has been a game-changer for all agriculture.

“Off-target spray drift can cost any farmer large amounts of money in lost crop,” he said.

“SataCrop is a platform for all crop producers, which is why we encourage all farmers to use it.

“The program has been designed with ease of access and straightforward navigation in mind, and I’m confident it will provide real benefit to farmers and their communities.”

Other spray drift mitigation advice for farmers includes:

  • Reading and following spray label instructions. Ensuring you are up to date with the APVMA label changes to 2,4-D products.
  • Check the current and forecast conditions before spraying. Do not spray when there is a surface temperature inversion.

Growers can access SataCrop by visiting

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