GSI Flatpack Silos offer big cost savings for on-farm grain and feed storage

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GSI flat packed Silos with portable bases can be assemble by growers onsite and this eradicates the need for a permanent more expensive concrete base – there are storage capacities from 8.76 to 169 tonnes available to fit any location with height/width restrictions easily overcome

It’s probably the best deal growers are going to get this season, GSI has released a range of Flatpack hopper silos that will save a lot of time in construction, and very importantly cost.

Silos currently available for immediate delivery include GSI flat pack hopper silos ranging in diameter from 2.7 to 6.4m (9 to 21ft) with storage capacities from 8.76 to 169 tonnes.

Shown here the grower is tightening the ground screw – it is just as easy to unscrew

These flat packs range from 4.32 to 12.28m in height and incorporate from 2 to 10 rings of corrugated sheets in their build.

With these GSI Flatpack silos it gives local growers the chance to build their own on-farm storage as the season dictates.

Once ordered and delivered it gives growers the option to construct their own grain silos and make some big savings.

This unique do-it-yourself (DIY) silo option has been inspired from the world leader in grain storage, GSI, now part of the AGCO Corporation.

By installing a flatpack there isn’t any downside, in fact, because of the portable base they are very easily moved when required, making them the most effective solution for many growers.

Because of the portable base the GSI Flatpack Silo is very easily moved when required

Another cost saving benefit by using a flatpacks sitting on portable bases it removes the need for a more permanent and costly concrete base.

The flatpacks are easy to assemble initially and then just as easy to re-assemble on site by simply bolting the frame and corrugated rings together.

The GSI Flatpack silo is delivered to the farm and easy to assemble initially by simply bolting the frame and corrugated rings together

They are proving ideal for share farmers who don’t want to put a silo into position on someone else’s land as a permanent asset.

It also gives growers the option to reshape a yard layout at any time with these flatpacks, and if it’s a matter of moving your silo down the road into another paddock, there is no problem.

When it comes to build quality GSI flat packed Silos offer everything a cement base variant has available.

The options are extensive with models offered in 45-deg cones for grain storage, as well as 60 and 67-deg for pellets and feed. There is also a special purpose 45-deg cone for grain and seed storage.

The corrugated design of these flat packs ensures their strength against any wind load and prevents any chance of a side wall cave-in that can sometimes be seen in smooth wall silos.

The GSI Flatpack base is locked into position with a solid ground screw

These flat packs even come with several accessories to meet the toughest OH&S measures.

Safety additions include caged ladders, along with harness restraint and fall systems. For added safety the lids are ground operated.

GSI has built into these flat packs the highest gauge wall sheets in the industry. This ensures longevity with the high galvanisation levels adding a longer life.

There is also a unique ‘drip lip’ fitted to keep the cone and unloading boot/slide gate as water free as possible. This also helps maintain higher quality grain and a longer storage life.

You can also choose from a large range of load cells and level monitoring systems.

For certain special feeds and difficult to handle commodities, a range of vibration free Flow hammers (patent pending) and ‘sure flo’ units are available to stop bridging.

Growers will appreciate having a local AGCO dealer nearby is part of the reason these flatpacks offers a big saving on transport costs.

Previously, transport of assembled oversize silos for long distances was becoming a prohibitive extra cost with transport restrictions and wide loads becoming more difficult all the time.

Once the GSI Flatpack has been assembled it is ready to put into position for immediate use

And to show the benefit of dealing with a company the size of GSI, every Silo can be supplied with proven handling equipment.

There is factory formed pneumatic fill kits available along with sealing kits to AS2628 standard for fumigation.

There is also an extensive range of 101 to 152mm (4 and 6-in) rigid pencil augers available in all galvanised construction.

These models also have undercarriage wheels kits available and are height adjustable.

In addition, AGCO finance is currently at a very competitive rate with customised repayments to suit cash flow of the growers farming operation.

These flat packs will sell fast as the season approaches.

Call now for your local GSI flat pack Silo supplier while stocks last. Contact GSI direct on tel: 0447 469 767, and take a look at: