HARDI added advanced application technology to set the Commander apart

HARDI Commander is widely considered to be one of the world’s premier trailed sprayers and enhanced that reputation further with H-SELECT nozzle control technology

HARDI Commander with product tank sizes from 6,500 litres to 10,000 litres and height-controlled booms up to 52 metres in width now available with H-SELECT nozzle control technology represents the next leap forward for the trailed sprayer segment

While HARDI’s big self-propelled models the RUBICON and SARITOR 62 have had the benefit of H-SELECT nozzle control technology since 2018, it was introduced to the HARDI Commander trailed sprayer in 2020, spurting that model into legendary status in the process.

The HARDI Commander model range with a choice of product capacities from 6,500 to 10,000-litres had already been delivering high productivity levels for local growers for many years, but it was a further leap forward when H-SELECT was offered as an option.

Adding highly advanced H-SELECT application technology gave the HARDI Commander more accurate 4-head nozzle bodies arrayed in individual boom sections.

With an autonomous controller monitoring each boom section’s speed against the set spray rate, the system is able to interpret turn and speed and select the right nozzle heads rapidly and precisely to achieve consistent spray delivery.

Speed sensing at each nozzle cluster ensures a constant application rate is maintained at every point along the boom and every stage of spray operations – including starting off, headland turns and turns to follow the paddock shape or to avoid obstacles.

The H-SELECT technology automatically compensates for the fact that nozzles at the outer tip of a 48.5m boom for instance will move almost twice as fast as those on the inside tip during turns.

When in full operation, H-SELECT continually adjusts the fluid rate for each nozzle cluster along the entire boom, to match the forward speed of that particular point at any given moment.

Benefits of accurate droplet control

Droplet consistency is known to be the most critical element when it comes to effective crop penetration and drift control.

Unlike pressure adjusted systems that affect fluid velocity and therefore nozzle performance, the way H-SELECT switches between multiple nozzles means the flow rate can be continually adjusted without ever compromising the size or speed of the droplets produced.

Operators can slow down in dry or windy weather without compromising droplet size. Alternatively, they can increase their droplet size to gain better drift control on the boundary with a sensitive crop, or if the weather conditions deteriorate during the day.

Operators running with the H-SELECT option have observed fewer drifting spray issues due to the combination of accurate droplet size control with constant pressure.

The system can be set up to deliver and control any droplet size from Fine to Very Coarse.

The H-SELECT option is about predictably applying the right amount of chemical in the right place and for operators achieving this goal is the holy grail of spraying.

Driving accuracy and productivity

H-SELECT integrates with a standard ISOBUS system and this allows operators to use a screen they are familiar with to set and change droplet size from the tractor cab – and make any spray application adjustments on the go.

Where other technologies require the operator to stop and recalibrate the system whenever they reset the spray quality, H-SELECT users can quickly alter the target droplet size whenever the crop, required rate or weather conditions change.

The flexibility of H-SELECT also saves time between spray jobs, helping to boost overall productivity. For example, it is possible to spray out a tank of insecticide at a low water rate, followed by a tank of fungicide at a high-water rate, without changing every nozzle on the boom between jobs.

With H-SELECT as an option, it means Commander operators can continue to achieve the efficiency, accuracy and productivity accuracy current farming methods demand.

HARDI offers one of the most extensive model lines in trailed sprayers with product capacities from 1200 to 10000-litres and boom widths from 6 to 54.5

HARDI’s Trailed Range

HARDI has a full range of trailed sprayers to fit all farm operations and at their core is the desire to deliver reliability and performance that you can count on to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Over the years HARDI engineers have developed a full range of small to large trailed sprayers to meet the needs of farmers operating on a diverse range of topography from flat land to rolling steep hills.

Current trailed sprayers that meet the needs of local farmers can be found in model ranges that include the COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR, RANGER, and GRASSLAND. All are built to provide flexibility and usability from their vast selection of product carrying capacities and boom sizes.

HARDI Commander with product tank sizes from 6,500 litres to 10,000 litres and height-controlled booms up to 54.5 metres in width now available with H-SELECT nozzle control technology represents the next leap forward for the trailed sprayer segment


The COMMANDER is one of the most successful and awarded sprayers. It is the largest trailed sprayer available from HARDI Australia and is designed as a high quality, high capacity, and user-friendly machine.

The HARDI Commander is widely regarded as one of the world’s top trailed sprayers, with tank capacity ranging from 6,500 to 10,000-litres and height-controlled booms extending from 30m up to 54.5m.

Recently HARDI announced that its precision spraying technology, GeoSelect, is also available on the Commander.

GeoSelect works by first scanning a paddock with a drone or light aircraft for larger paddocks. The scan is then used to create a weed geolocation database that works to pinpoint every weed in the paddock.

This weed location database is then transferred to the sprayer so that it knows exactly when to spray and when not to spray, with an estimate by HARDI that it will save farmers up to 90% on their current chemical usage.

HARDI claims that using GeoSelect means that spraying can be done in less time, at less cost and with far less chemicals.

HARDI Navigator offers versatile choices including product tank sizes of 4000, 5000, and 6000-litres with boom widths from 18 to 36m


The HARDI Navigator is based on a foundation of simple, dependable solutions combined with ease of use and great serviceability.

Versatile choices include tank sizes of 4000, 5000, and 6000-litres, as well as superior electronics, making the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice in a wide range of applications, from row cropping to small broadacre.

Models from the NAVIGATOR range are considered the key to precision, efficiency, and productivity, with a proven HARDI diaphragm pump and a choice of sturdy, broad booms in steel or aluminium.

The versatile NAVIGATOR range offers boom widths from 18 to 36m to drive efficiency and productivity across a wide range of farm operations.

HARDI Ranger is a 2500-litre class-leading sprayer design with a range of robust steel booms from 12 to 21m


The HARDI Ranger’s success has been established worldwide since it was launched to satisfy the requirement for a small, simple and reliable sprayer.

This 2500-litre class-leading sprayer design is ideally suited to row crops, cereals, pasture renovations, and horticulture.

Operators can adjust the boom from within the cab as well as modify the boom height on the run. This is ideal for paddocks where there are obstacles and a need to get the boom up and out of harm’s way quickly.

RANGER models can be equipped with a range of robust steel booms from 12 to 21m to provide an ideal spraying solution for everything from small row crop plots to large, uneven paddocks.

The COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR, And RANGER all come with ISOBUS giving them automatic compatibility with an existing tractor and its current onboard system. There is no need to invest in any special terminal, displays or controls.

More importantly, it means the operator does not have to learn the functions and layout of another system. They can simply use the sprayer via the tractor platform they are already familiar with.

The 1200-litre product capacity HARDI Grassland is a low-cost simple sprayer with a choice of 6, 8, 10, and 12m booms


The 1200-litre GRASSLAND sprayer is a low-cost, simple sprayer that is ideal for spraying light areas and crops that need specialist up close attention.

The HARDI Grassland has a fully integrated design with a low centre of gravity with a 48cm crop clearance.

It can be adjusted for all purposes with a choice of 6, 8, 10, and 12m booms, making it a versatile alternative to employing a larger sprayer. The boom fold on the equipment is handled manually, with hydraulic boom height control offered as an option.

Many of the HARDI trailed sprayer models mentioned in this article are manufactured and assembled right here in Australia.

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