Hardi Rubicon buyers benefit from negative interest rate

Hardi is offering its giant Rubicon self-propelled sprayers with a negative-interest finance rate of -0.25%

Hardi Australia has set an industry benchmark for its giant Rubicon self-propelled sprayers by offering negative-interest finance on new machines.

Hardi Australia CEO Bill Franklin said the negative interest offer reflected Hardi’s innovative nature and the company’s willingness to go further in support of farmers.

The Rubicon 9000 litre sprayer will lead the charge with the option of a front mounted aluminium boom from 36.5 to 54m.

This model was a first of its kind for Hardi  around the world when unveiled in Australia in June 2016.

It has since gone on to deliver its promise of an enormous productivity boost for owners, and also has a smaller 6500 litre stablemate, released in August 2017.

The Rubicon 9000 was developed especially for tough Australian conditions and by increasing the boom width, there is a great improvement in the work rate.

Hardi’s Rubicon 9000 litre sprayer is being offered with the option of a front mounted aluminium boom that works out to 54m

Hardi claims the market lead in wider boom performance.

AutoHeight boom control keeps nozzles at the correct height above the target, across the full width of the boom in all operating conditions.

While five ultrasonic sensors along the boom maintain the boom steady at a preselected height in Ground, Crop or Hybrid modes, while spraying at speeds up to 35kph. Top speed is 56kph.

The Rubicon has a wide heavy-duty, rigid chassis frame constructed from high tensile rectangular steel sections, and is designed not to flex.

This contributes enormously to the suspension performance, steering and handling, and allows it to also carry a wider, sturdier paralift for the boom.

The negative interest rate of -0.25% will be calculated on the amortising balance over the loan term, up to 36 months and will be available to approved ABN holders for business purposes.

Hardi Australia CEO Bill Franklin went on to say, “Our role in Australian agriculture is to offer farmers the best possible equipment on the best possible terms.

The Rubicon was designed for local broadacre conditions and is assembled to order in Hardi Australia’s Adelaide SA factory. The productivity rate of big sprayers can exceed 1,000 hectares per day under ideal spraying conditions

“Low interest rates are quite common these days, Hardi thought it would take this one step further and claim another first by offering a negative interest rate on Rubicon.”  

“Ever since its launch in 2016, The Rubicon has lead the field as the biggest self-propelled sprayer with the widest boom and superior height control technologies.

“Negative interest finance adds to these firsts, while helping Australian farmers to benefit from historically low global interest rates.”

Hardi Rubicon is available with a 6500 or 9000 litre tank capacity and Hardi Paragon aluminium booms up to 54 metres in width.

The productivity rate of the big sprayer can easily exceed 1,000 hectares per day, especially under ideal spraying conditions.

The RUBICON was designed for Australian broadacre conditions and is assembled to order in Hardi Australia’s Adelaide factory. The offer is set to expire on 30 September 2020. Full terms and conditions are available from www.hardi.com.au


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