HARDI Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition is set loose to grab extra market share

HARDI made no secret that its Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition spray launch was an important milestone in local SP spray design and you could miss out by not attending

HARDI Australia headquarters in Adelaide SA overflowed with enthusiasm as the HARDI Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition was revealed for the first time to a crowd of over 100 dealers and large-scale farm operations

The level of confidence placed on the HARDI Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition prompted an audience of more than 100 dealers and customers to bustle into the HARDI Australia head office in Adelaide SA to what all the fuss was about.

No-one left disappointed. On the showcase was the next-generation Saritor 7000, the Mallee edition, designed in Adelaide especially for local growers.

Before you get a chance to look over the specs on the Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition you are already partially hooked as the body aesthetics make you want to find out more.

The sophisticated body flow is topped off with a stunning satin black laser cut-grill with a honeycomb pattern that somehow integrates the LED light bar all the way back to its boom.

For any owner that rolls up on a neighbour with the Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition they will expect a double-take of envy on looks alone, and when the specs are revealed, there will be a considerable level of envy that will creep in.

For anyone that has already ordered the Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition the wait is over, but for new admirers this model could be hard to get your hands on in this tight supply market.

The infinitely variable four-wheel drive is controlled by efficient hydrostatic transmission, Cummins QSB 6.7 litre Tier III diesel engine providing power of 221kW (300hp).

Nozzle Technology

This is where the Saritor 7000 is going to win across some new operators.

Knowing just how fussy and diverse the spraying techniology market has become, HARDI is offering four different nozzle technologies with the obvious ploy that at least one of them will suit the intended operation.

First up is tried and true ActivAir – the ActivAir on/off system uses Saritor’s onboard air supply to instantly open and close nozzles on demand, with no dripping.

Then there is Triple Tier 12 – the Triple Tier 12 rapid nozzle switching technology adjusts the spray rate instantly and accurately without affecting the fluid velocity or the droplet size.

Of course many are familiar with H-Select – exclusive to HARDI, H-Select coordinates up to four different nozzles at each nozzle body to continually maintain the required target rate across the whole boom over the entire speed range.

To top it off there is GeoSelect – and GeoSelect is a move into next generation spraying as it’s not like any other selective spray system. There is minimal on-boom hardware, it optimises boom ride, weed targeting, chemical preparation, and sprayer speed. You can work at speeds up to 30kph and save time, chemical, and running costs.

Operator is at the centre of action 

The contoured-designed draft lines of the bonnet are simply sleek and lead back to a completely re-imagined operator work zone. In the cab the operator has never been so pampered with fatigue-beating comfort that will have the farm manager expecting 12-hour days without break.

And why not, for many the cab interior will be more comfortable than sitting at home with high-back operator’s seat and a newly designed refrigerator that will keep up with a full day’s supply. 

Become part of the HIVE mind

There is a little surprise coming in the cab. And while at first your focus will be diverted to a newly fashioned and more intuitive control console than previously, one that clearly had a focus minimisation to reduce unnecessary clutter. This is all sitting in a layout of clean and clear quality components that leads you to the sweet spot. 

At the heart of the Saritor 7000 cab is the prize in the package, the HARDI Integrated Vehicle Experience – HIVE. This is an advanced control system that is designed to work with the operator and instil the confidence that everything will run to perfection.

Operators will appreciate the fully integrated dial and joystick HIVE interface, that shows everything on a head-up display.

No more searching for critical information, it’s there before you, displayed at eye level,

Working with the completely remodelled armrest console gives the operator an enhanced situational awareness of what’s going on both inside and outside the cab. 

Clearer, more efficient filling

The HIVE advanced control system extends its coverage to the filling station, easy to follow on the HIVE system screen. The filling information is clear to follow with HIVE and the system also kicks in with its own set of visual guides and videos, so the operator can check up on any filling pointers for the SARITOR quickly and safely. 

The HARDI Saritor 7000 was designed in Adelaide, and is also being assembled here. So that means parts and service will be efficient and quick.

Get more details on the HARDI Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition and watch the video on this link, and find your nearest dealer here.

HARDI Saritor 7000 Mallee Edition