HATZ 3H50T is the compact power pack to consider

Hatz’s 3850T has the highest torque in its class with an output of 130Nm from its 18.4kW (24.6hp) 3-cylinder engine

Compact dimensions and convincing power are values prized in the latest offering from the H series by Hatz with the 3H50T model able to fit in the smallest of space.

Technical refinement of the 3H50T also allow this model to offer the best fuel efficiency in its class, key among all models the H series by Hatz.

The release of the compact 3H50T 18.4kW (24.6hp) pack rounds off the lower end of the H Series range of engines.

With almost 130Nm, the 3H50T engine has the highest torque in its class.

This clean engine complies with EPA tier 4 final standards in the USA and EU Stage V without any exhaust emission after-treatment.

When it comes to its torque, the 3H50T is quite capable of replacing an engine from a higher power class without any problems.

Its designated power class is up to 19kW (25.5hp) but it is capable of replacing engines that normally covers a range up to almost 37kW (50hp).

In addition, while the 3H50T impresses due to its dynamic performance it is also offers easy maintenance and quiet running.

The basic design of the Hatz 3H50T allows it to be installed across a wide range of stationary and mobile machines as well as propelled machines.

The Hatz 3H50T is also available as an open power unit (OPU).

The cooler and intercooler are mounted free of vibration and can be delivered as a complete system ex works.

Buyers have the advantage of being able to install the engine directly into the application as well as adding mounting parts for each of the application areas themselves.

This supports in particular small and medium-sized manufacturers, as it does away with the effort of adding additional coolers or air filters.

Overall, Hatz H series engines offer assurance with their long-life construction based on an innovative approach.

They are equipped with two valves per cylinder, which achieves a high level of efficiency, mechanical robustness and functional simplicity.

The compact approach Hatz has adopted for its H series engines achieves a reduction in size and the lowest power/weight ratio in its class.

H series engines combine high power and clean exhaust values as well as low fuel consumption.

This result is achieved through the iHACS Technology with its combustion chamber geometry, Bosch injection technology, lowest possible friction and a maximum boost pressure of 24.6 PSI (1.7 bar).

Further model specs and information on H series engines is available from www.hatz.com.au


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