Hatz fiPMG offers a compact solution to high end power generation

Hatz has released its fiPMG generator as the top entrant in a new power technology category called the flywheel-integrated Permanent Magnet Generator sector

The Hatz fiPMG flywheel-integrated Permanent Magnet Generator when integrated into an engine takes up less space and weight than conventional designs

The Hatz fiPMG generator is opening the way for more product developments that will result in compact power units not thought possible for such performance and reliability previously.

This is because the Hatz fiPMG generator can be integrated into an engine design, and this gives it a big advantage over a conventional or mounted design as the fiPMG generator reduces the space it requires by 90% and is also 85% lighter in weight.

Compared to a conventional generator, the permanent magnet technology provided by the Hatz fiPMG reduces dimensions and mass by up to 90%

The Hatz fiPMG generator will also be the ideal option moving forward to ensure the operation of critical applications in hybrid systems, as a power outage backup or by providing a continuous power supply.

Hatz’s new flywheel integrated permanent magnet generator is an exciting product that’s gaining a great deal of attention with customers worldwide. In fact, it won the Diesel Progress Summit 2020 award for “New Power Technology.”

Compared to a conventional generator, the permanent magnet technology provided by the Hatz fiPMG reduces dimensions and mass by up to 90%

The fiPMG is a unique concept that combines the Hatz E1 technology, the world-first electronically controlled single cylinder diesel engine, with a PMG generator installed where you expect to find the engine flywheel. 

It’s this very design combination that results in a much lighter and more compact generator package that is able to operate at variable speeds, based on the load required.

Another well though-out advantage is that the fiPMG and is available in both AC and DC at multiple voltages.  The result of this overall design makes this the ideal solution for battery charging and any hybrid applications.

The fiPMG technology that Hatz has developed will quickly accelerate technologies into a new direction over the next few years into a growing interest in electrification and hybridization of current standard equipment.

The scope of electrification/hybridization available with fiPMG technology includes a wide range of products and will in some cases include making changes from a typical diesel engine to full electric or hybrid units.

Hatz fiPMG technology is able to extend both the range and also battery life while keeping weight and physical size in compact dimensions, the application has the potential to reduce the cost of electrical components keep product releases profitable and affordable.

The Hatz fiPMG is already being installed into power units that require extremely reliable performance such as 5G Smart Towers, mobile light towers, solar and conventional mobile road signal equipment, mobile communications infrastructure, electrical lifts, motor homes, battery driven equipment and auxiliary power units in construction equipment or on-highway truck applications.

With the Hatz fiPMG instead of converting from a diesel engine application to fully electric, you can use a very small diesel engine as a battery charger that can increase your range while also reducing the size of your battery pack to a compact.

The Hatz fiPMG range of battery chargers are available in DC with a power range of 2.8kVa and 5.6kVa options. While the Hatz fiPMG generator sets come in AC with a power range of 1.8kVa and 3.5kVa options.

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