HAYTECH makes hay temperature management easy

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A hay fire is a fodder producer’s worst nightmare but accurately and consistently monitoring the temperature of a stack is now a lot easier
Brad Petschel, from AutoElec in the Hopetoun hay growing region of Victoria, demonstrates the HAYTECH system in action

HAYTECH is a wireless monitoring system that uses probes to record hay temperature in a bale stack. Available now through Farmscan, the HAYTECH system is connected to the internet to allow real-time monitoring of hay via the free Quanturi online service. A premium version is also available with a subscription.

The system allows users to check the temperature of hay any time and alert messages can be sent via SMS to a mobile phone if temperatures rise to unsafe levels. 

At the heart of the system are the robust, high-visibility HAYTECH probes which can be placed around the haystack or in bales throughout a storage shed.

The probes have a spike length of 40cm and it can be used in square or round bales.

The starter system contains 20 HAYTECH probes but depending on the size of the farm a single HAYTECH system can accomodate up to 500 probes.

The probes communicate with a supplied base station and transmit temperature measurements to the cloud every hour. The user can also check temperatures at any time via the online portal.

An optional repeater is available to ensure a stronger signal transmission between the probes and the base station if the system is being used in larger sheds.

The standard base station is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is ideally positioned within 200m from the hay storage.

Included in the kit is the 3G/4G portable solar kit with battery backup including a prepaid SIM card to get you started, or you can BYO a SIM card on your business plan. Internet connection is required for the system to communicate directly via the mobile network and securely to the Quanturi cloud.

The base station can be installed where there is no fixed internet connection, but you will need mobile coverage for the system to work. An optional repeater can still be used to cover a second hay storage on the same property if in close proximity to the base. All systems come with 240V and solar powered options.

Recently, a number of systems were installed throughout WA and VIC and a live demo site is available for online view if anyone wishes to have a look how the system works.

For more information go to: www.farmscan.com.au, or call direct on tel: 1300 327 672.