Henty Machinery Field Days open to option of preview event in March 2022

Henty Machinery Field Days has confirmed the annual field days will run in the usual September 2022 time slot but with an option for a preview event to run in March 2022

Farm inventors, backyard tinkerers and students are invited to showcase their innovative ideas in the Agri-Innovator of the Year Award at the 2022 Henty Machinery Field Days – or will we get to see some inventions earlier during a March 2022 preview event

The talk of the Henty MFD running in March 2022 was a viable option for exhibitors starved of a major income source following the event cancellation in both 2020 and 2021.

For many exhibitors, an event rescheduled for March 2022 would still give them access to farmers spending more money than anyone suspected they ever possessed.

At the time, coming off the back of the cancelled September 2021 event it made sense that all exhibitors line-up instead for a rescheduling of the main event in March 2022. Everything could simply be carried over.

However, with the passage of time and stock levels at all-time lows, it appears the March rescheduling for the cancelled 2021 event will no longer work for most exhibitors.

HMFD chief executive officer Belinda Anderson has confirmed the Henty MFD would run on September 20 to22 in 2022, its traditional and successful time slot.

“After surveying the exhibitors booked for the 2021 field days, it was clear a replication of the field days in March 2022, followed by our annual event in September was not the way forward,” Mrs Anderson said.

This means the 2022 Henty MFD date will move forward in its traditional September time slot, favoured by most exhibitors.

However, there are also exhibitors keen to get new products on display prior to the main event, and as a result the HMFD Board was evaluating options for an preview event to run on March 12 to 13 2022.

This preview event could very well be a very viable permanent addition to the Field days program.

HMFD chief executive officer Belinda Anderson said, “There were still many exhibitors keen on a preview event, but the nature of their business has the HMFD management looking at a different style of event on March 12 to 13 2022.

“As this new event is still in the development phase with a few more logistics to be locked in, further details will be available at a later stage.”

If the March 2022 event comes to fruition, it could be a pre-cursor to a major expansion of the Henty field days site for many more events.

One field day highlight you can bank-on will be the 19th annual Henty Natural Fibre Awards at the 2022 Henty Machinery Field Days with prizes valued at around $5500, the fashion awards have grown into a prestigious event attracting high profile designers, with the 2022 entries to be paraded in the Country Lifestyle pavilion on September 20-22 at 1pm each day

The Board of the HMFD has always looked to the future and at one time had plans to build an Events Pavilion of 50 x 100m that could host equestrian competitions, truck and camping exhibitions, conventions and even music concerts.

Many visitors to the areas have been drawn by unique events such as a vintage harvester display.

This pioneering spectacle jumped off the pages of history when one of Australia’s biggest private collection of vintage headers fired up to harvest a southern NSW wheat crop.

In a scene reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s, the one-off working display of more than 20 horse and tractor drawn headers harvesting the wheat was a sight the 2,000 in attendance may have never witnessed before.

The vintage harvest day featured an array of restored and working harvesters, winnower, threshers, strippers, binders, chaff cutters and tractors.

The machines were used to harvest 15ha (37ac) of the heritage wheat variety Olympic that was sown using a 1950s crawler tractor and 1970s 24-row Massey Ferguson combine.

An array of headers worked together, including three self-propelled Sunshine headers, horsed drawn Sunshine and Robinson harvesters, a Sunshine AL harvester pulled by a vintage tractor, a Sunshine ground driven header and a fully restored Cockshutt header.

Working on these old machines you are sitting out in the dust, chaff and hot sun all day.

From vintage harvesters to students from the local high school modelling clothing made from wool and other natural fabrics, and other popular competitions are the reason Henty MFD is the biggest outdoor event in Southern Australia.

If you want to discuss exhibiting at a preview event in March 2022, contact the field days team direct, call on tel: 02 6929 3305, or email admin@hmfd.com.au