High Productivity Vehicles transporting primary products to and from rural properties gets a red tape cut

The Farm Gate Access Network was developed in partnership between the NSW Government, Livestock Bulk and Rural Carriers Association, NSW Farmers and local government.

It introduces conditional area-wide access for Higher Productivity Vehicles transporting grain or livestock in participating council areas. 

Supported by the NHVR, the pilot will reduce red-tape for farmers and transport operators by reducing the need for access permits.   

LBRCA President Paul Pulver said, the pilot will enable safer, more productive, and legal access when transporting primary products to and from rural properties using High Productivity Vehicles.

“Improving access to local road networks across NSW by way of Notice is a significant productivity gain for industry.”

 “It will bolster end-to-end heavy vehicle access, ensure vehicles can operate compliantly and stimulate an increase in productivity for NSW transport operators”.

Eligible vehicles may access the Farm Gate Network if they have telematics equipped (RIM or TMA), with this information aggregated (de-identified) and shared with councils to assist them with future decision making and planning.  You do not need to be enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

The scheme is being piloted in six local government areas:

  • Tamworth Regional Council
  • Gunnedah Shire Council
  • Junee Shire Council
  • Coolamon Shire Council
  • Narrandera Shire Council
  • Temora Shire Council. 

To support the roll out of the pilot the following NSW Notices have been amended to provide access to the NSW Farm Gate Access Network for participating vehicles:

New South Wales Class 3 Livestock Transportation Exemption Notice 2021 (No.1)
New South Wales Class 3 Grain Harvest Management Scheme Mass Exemption Notice 2021 (No. 1)

To determine the success of the pilot, a review will take place in six months’ time. 
For more information go to the Transport for NSW website.

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