Honda HRX premium lawn mower delivers more in 2019

Honda has released an updated HRX hand lawn mower series with either an electric start for $1499rrp or recoil start) for $1299rrp

Honda Power Equipment has redesigned its HRX lawn mower series with either the HRX217HZU (electric start) for $1499rrp or the HRX217HYU (recoil start) for $1299rrp.

Honda research and development was combined with feedback from current HRX users, to drive more innovative upgrades.

Beginning with the power plant, the HRX Series are the first Honda mowers to incorporate the GCV200 engine, with a power increase of almost 12%, over the GCV190 it replaces.

A 10% increase in torque was important in the case of a walk-behind lawnmower such as the HRX, as the size of the engine and its torque capabilities relate directly to the ability of the machine to tackle tough jobs and produce a clean, even cut.

As the engine is responsible for generating the torque power on a lawn mower, more torque means more force is delivered to the blades, which results in easier and faster cutting—especially in heavy, thick grass where stalling is more prevalent.

In addition to delivering more torque, the Honda GCV200 weighs, on average, 6% less than the GCV190. A redesigned brake blade clutch with 14% more capacity has been fitted to cope with the increased power.

The GCV200 engine has a larger oil fill tube for more convenience when adding and draining oil; a more easily-accessible, tool-less air filter that protects the engine from yard debris and dirty conditions; more direct access to spark plugs for quicker changes and a carburettor with a simpler and more rugged stud bolt design.

The Honda Auto Choke System (ACS) on the GCV200 engine allows for dependable starts, regardless of hot or cold weather conditions. This automatic, user-friendly system eliminates the need for levers and cables and once the engine is running, the ACS automatically adjusts to the optimal operating position.

The deck of the HRX Series is made from NeXite material, that is lightweight but tough enough to handle even the most trying conditions. This high impact-resistant material does not dent, rust or corrode ensuring that the life of the mower meets the expectations of Honda customers.

The hydrostatic gearbox on both models allows a smooth and easy-to-use operation and provides a ground speed of up to 6.5kph.

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