Horse racing becomes an election issue between coalition and Greens

The Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia has thrown his support behind Australia’s horseracing industry.

It comes after reports that the Greens will take a policy platform, to the next election that will implement a national ban on horse racing.

Minister Littleproud said the horseracing industry in Australia deserves our support not to be torn down.

“It is now clear that a Labor, Green alliance will put an end to our horseracing industry,” Minister Littleproud said.

“The Greens want to put those who work in the industry on the unemployment queues.

“And the Greens want to pay for this by bringing in a new tax.

“Horseracing has a long and proud history in Australia and is part of our way of life, from the Bush races to the carnivals in the capital cities.

“Hundreds of thousands of Australians are involved in the industry from the strappers to the trainers.

“Billions of dollars are pumped into the Australia economy each year by the horseracing industry.

“A Labor, Green alliance would tax the industry into the ground and send the workers off to the dole queue.

“In contrast, the Coalition Government has committed $1.1million towards establishing a National Horse Traceability system, working with the states and territories, the horse industry and interest groups for the health and welfare of these beautiful animals.

“This is the way that jobs, industries and the Australian way of life are protected. The Greens only know one way and that is to tax and shutdown industries.”