Househam Sprayers increase market share

In Househam’s AIR Ride Series four wheel steer reduces crop damage and keeps headland maneuvering to a minimum. Power is supplied by an ultra-reliable and fuel efficient CAT engine

Over the past year Househam Sprayers has increased its market share in both Australia/NZ, the UK, and several countries in Europe.

The demand has been prompted through Househam’s AIR Ride self-propelled range that are proving popular for growers as well as contractors.

It is easy to see why. Designed to optimise crop care the AIR Ride system is now proven and dependable.

These models have the advantage of being low in weight and equipped with an array of advanced fittings as standard but your choices extend a great deal further.

AIR Ride is available with a wide range of factory fitted, high tech options enabling a sprayer to be specified to suit individual application requirements to suit whatever crop or land formation the farm requires.

The Total Machine Control touch screen supports up to three individual monitors and can also incorporates Househam’s own FieldMaster paddock mapping and section control

AIR Ride tank sizes range from 2000 to 6000-litres. Standard booms start at 24m and can be specified at widths up to 36m unless you are in horticulture where a fixed raised sprinkler system rules proceedings. For this purpose, Househam has designed a vertical folding boom as opposed to the conventional gull wing folding boom.

The spray line is stainless steel and is fully recirculating. This means when the pump is on the line is live and nozzles switch on and off at each opening, this also helps with continuous agitation of tank content. Nozzle spacing is standard at 500mm but can be altered to suit individual row spacing.

An additional set of nozzles can be incorporated to operate as a twin line with a 250mm intermediate nozzle spacing. Either or both sets of nozzles are available for use from the cabin. Section widths are also available to suit.

Multi Quad nozzles are another option for either cab operated nozzles to be changed for variable rate application or for programmed paddock applications.

All AIR Ride units are available with engine capacity from (170 to 225hp) with power through renowned Caterpillar engines.

All come standard with 4WD and 4WS and road speed up to 45 or 50kph. through the optional wheel motor change from Poclain to Sauer/Bonifiglio.

The superb 360-degree panoramic cab includes full climate control, carbon filtration, cool box. CD radio, electric mirrors, air supported Grammer seat and a foldaway buddy seat.

The Total Machine Control (TMC) touch screen supports up to three individual monitors and can also incorporate Househam FieldMaster paddock mapping and section control.

Especially for horticultural vegetable producers, there is the advantage of an option to add a high-volume boom air sleeve on vertical fold booms. Air sleeve is also available on standard 24m Gull wing booms and has already been supplied to farmers in WA as well as Tasmania and NSW.

David Sutherland, the Australian importer and distributer is ready to discuss any individual requirements or a special build. Call Dave on tel: 0419 364 857, or email: