Husqvarna debuts Ceora autonomous mower for commercial turf care

Known for its robotic Automowers, Husqvarna is now entering the market for commercial turf care management with the new CEORA platform.
Husqvarna Ceora autonomous commercial turf care mower
Husqvarna offered a sneak peek of its Ceora automower designed to be autonomous with provision to cut across 4.85ha (12 acres) – Photo: Husqvarna

Drop the mower off at the work site, feed in the instructions and away it goes to do the work. Job done, you come back and take it on to the next site. 

It’s the Husqvarna professional turf care team that has brought this reality to the work force with their Ceora autonomous mower that you can set and forget.

The Ceora is the most promising development in robotic mowing solutions with the advantage of being a set and forget solution to mowing areas up to 50,000 m2, within a pre-set boundary.

Husqvarna say they will transform turf care with this high performance and autonomous turf care solution.

They show how the entire 22ha (55-acre) Great Lawn in New York’s Central Park can be managed by five Husqvarna CEORA’s, working 24/7. Everything is digitally monitored and controlled at the operators fingertips.

Like other commercial Husqvarna Automower products, CEORA is designed to be a low-cost, low-noise, zero-emissions solution.

This model will allow contractors, councils and sporting event managers to be more efficiency and consistency to the overall land maintenance process.

CEORA can be tailored to specific needs by adding accessories such as a lawn striper, fairway deck or line painter and can be paired with other robotic mowers.

Husqvarna’s suite of connectivity and fleet services will also allow the operator instant and continuous digital monitoring and control of multiple units.

CEORA joins a lineup of commercial Husqvarna Automower products including the 550 and 550H models that are designed specifically for demanding professional applications.

One machine can cover areas of more than 4.85ha (12 acres), the equivalent to 12 professional football grounds.

The CEORA will be available with Husqvarna’s recently introduced EPOS technology, a satellite-based navigation system enabling mowing with virtual boundaries.

This navigation system delivers an accuracy down to an inch and is used to create virtual boundaries for professional robotic mowers. The new system will increase the flexibility and use of professional robotic mowers in green spaces.

Intended for councils and commercial landowners, sports ground managers and golf course owners, Husqvarna said the CEORA can automate professional lawnmowing as never before, allowing staff to be redeployed to focus on more value adding tasks.

The Husqvarna CEORA platform is an autonomous turf care solution offering high performing, low noise and zero emissions as it works systematically within virtual pre-set boundaries

“This is an industry game changer marking the start of a new era in commercial turf care management”, enthused Valentin Dahlhaus, vice president at Husqvarna.

“Including the size of the area the CEORA can cover, combined with the lack of requirement of an installed boundary wire to control its cutting area, are the fundamental differences of this development over established Automowers.”

The company said it utilises EPOS technology with a high-precision satellite navigation system, to deliver an accuracy of 2 to 3cm.

By allowing operation without physical wires, quick digital redefinitions of the work area can take place. Husqvarna believe that this will offer professional users lower costs, a safer working environment and more sustainable working practices.

Husqvarna engineers stressed how the system is a future-proof, scalable platform.

In the future, they said, it can be further tailored to specific needs. It can also be paired with other robotic mowers allowing the operator instant and continuous digital monitoring and control of multiple units.

The company anticipates that some markets will get delivery for summer 2021, while our local market will see the first units delivered early 2022.


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