HydroREC joins Australian Smart Energy Council Zero Carbon Certification Scheme

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Smart Trade Networks (STN) congratulates HydroREC for becoming a founding partner of

the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme pioneered by the Smart Energy Council and

Hydrogen Australia to establish Australia as a world-leader in Green Hydrogen certification.

STN is pleased to be a founding shareholder to support the launch of HydroREC, and to

enable its specialist solutions in green hydrogen credentialing to be designed and deployed

on STN blockchain infrastructure, and contribute to this important national and global


The green hydrogen sector is one of the fastest growing globally. It is seen as a key to

achieving global carbon neutrality targets across the US, Europe and China. Australia is

striving to do its part.

HydroREC is a purpose-specific company, established to harness the power of modern

blockchain technologies with a range of longstanding capabilities and experience in the

clean and renewable energy sector.

These capabilities will deliver solutions that are purpose-designed to meet the emerging needs of this discerning industry sector and its stakeholders.

“From STN’s point of view, we had no hesitancy in getting behind this initiative as it’s a

glove-fit for our technologies and our focus on supporting and enabling diversified

provenance-value anchored supply chains,” STN Founding Chairman Adjunct Professor

Warwick Powell said.

“Our smart contracts capabilities and credentialed marketplaces will enable people to

transact green hydrogen, green ammonia and green metals with confidence that what they

are paying for is authentic.

“When people can be confident that the green claims are being met, then payments will flow smoothly. That’s the power of the STN Deal Room Smart Contracts,” he said.

STN has developed a robust supply chain credentialing infrastructure, through its ongoing

research and development collaborations with partners at Queensland University of

1 Technology and elsewhere.

It is heavily involved in the design and development of solutions to enable smart food systems of tomorrow, and that includes how best to harness water and energy resources to achieve ecologically responsible and sustainable outcomes.

“With global supply chains exposed to increased risks of cyber security attacks and fraud

around credence claims, there’s no more an important time than now to build the right

foundations for credible credentialing going forward.

“The HydroREC team consists of people with experience, know-how and passion in all the

necessary areas that will ensure it will make a positive contribution to independent

verification of supply chain claims to green hydrogen, green ammonia and green metals.

“Opportunities for leveraged projects integrating smart energy solutions with smart food

systems is one area we are looking at developing sooner rather than later. This will bring

benefits to the STN ecosystem and create value growth opportunities for STN5 token

holders,” Mr Powell said.

More information about HydroREC can be found at: https://www.hydrorec.com.au/

More information about Smart Trade Networks can be found at:


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