IB International works with everyone

Many believe the irrigation industry in Australia has changed more in the last five years than it changed in the preceding 30 years. Source: AFDJ eNews

Ian Baines, an expert in Australian irrigation and director of IB International has been working throughout this period.

“In terms of supply chain management absolutely I would agree with this.  Like all industries, technology has brought about major changes in the ways we buy and sell, product quality, access to information, and irrigation is no different,” Mr Baines said.

Since many irrigation companies have been sold to larger international companies has this affected the levels of product quality and service in Australia’s irrigation industry?

“We are in a global trade world.  There is a lot to be addressed by all of us to ensure that Australia’s place in this trade world is secure’” Mr Baines said.

“There are too many variables to discuss here, however, this is the time to learn as much as possible and make the right choices.  I believe this is the time of opportunities.

“Unfortunately, this is also the time of high risk decision making.

“Our strategy at IB International has always been ‘best products best support’.  But we don’t work in isolation.  We choose to work with leading manufacturers worldwide.

“We work with dealers across the country who are there on the spot to assist farmers and industry managers.

“We work with big business and small business.

“We work hard to ensure that our network equates to a reliable, high quality, accountable one for our customers.

“Our goal is to bring our customers the best products at the best price, and ensure everyone involved works with us to offer the best service.  When you work with the best people you pressure each other to perform to your best.”

Mr Baines says that you can tell by the reliability and accountability whether a business is a good business to put your faith in or not.  He said it was easy to see prosperity through monopolisation versus prosperity through good business products and service.

“We want to prevent the former and encourage the latter,” he said.

“Technology is high on the agenda. Access to international markets is important.  Our network proactively seeks higher and higher efficiencies, which results in better products and better service, and either maintenance of pricing or better pricing in some instances.

“Our prices have not actually moved much over several years, largely because of better systems and communications, even while some commodities have indicated higher movements.

“Another important area we address is logistics and access to product.  We help our customers with logistics.  This is a big part of our business.  Working globally requires expertise in this area and having the right partners in your network.

“The best support on the ground is very important.  We know that there are many Dealers who really look after their customers and we support those dealers to access other parts of the supply chain.  We are here for our dealers, we even run emergency out of hours assistance.”

IB International is a family business with a core team and extended teams.