IB Irrigation has who and how global knowledge

IB International is the sole importer and distributor of OCMIS in Australia with the full range available through key IB dealers who have the skills base and reliability to offer buyers the right ongoing service and support of the range

Ian Baines, Director of IB International is a hands on irrigation man who has been in the Australian irrigation industry for over twenty-five years, assisting reliable smart dealers and their customers – just like you.

IB International as a company has been in operation for more than 15 years now.

They understand that getting quality irrigation and the right configuration and expertise means massive savings and optimum schemes for end users.

“The markets have changed substantially”, said Ian.

“Sure anyone can bring in machinery from overseas and there are competing markets across irrigation products. But there is a huge difference between the products on offer.

“There are bargains to be had. Some have improved enormously, and we take advantage of this when offering products. But it is still, and probably always will be, buyer beware.”

“No-one has time to fix mistakes.

“Even the best equipment requires capable commissioning prior to delivery, some installation and maintenance, and many farmers today are aware of the requirements and happy to do a lot of this themselves.

“But if not, we want to make sure that there are local Dealers who are skilled in irrigation who can help. We are happy to take calls and refer. We do this all the time,” said Ian.

“Even the most skilled irrigation guys may not be able to help you if you have purchased a less than reliable product though,”Ian added.

IB International has built world class relationships with key irrigation manufacturers around the globe and continue to negotiate and seek out what is happening in this marketplace.

They also know very well who can help you in your location and do a great job.

Here are some key products IB International can help you directly with:

Ocmis hardhoses, and other irrigation from Italy.

Without a doubt the best hardhoses in the world.

Ian Baines, Director of IB International is a hands on irrigation man who has been in the local irrigation industry for over twenty-five years, assisting reliable smart dealers and their customers

IB International has purposely maintained our position as the sole importer and distributor of Ocmis in Australia.

Through IB International only key dealers who undergo key checks covering skills base and reliability will be able to offer you the right price, service and support of these machines.

B-Type couplings. There are a lot of these about. Your choice of brands will depend upon the application and how stringent the specifications are.

If health and safety due to very high pressures is a key criteria then IB International suggest authentic Dallai B-types, A-types or F-types – not interchangeable so check the IB International website.

However, there are less expensive brands that IB International can assist you with. If you have thought about b-type to poly for easy transfer.

Check out the ‘Polycrimp’ couplings on the IB International website.

Water Cannons – Gear Drive and Impact cannons and sprinklers.

Check the IB International website and enquire for other sizes if needed.

Fittings of all descriptions. IB International probably has every fitting you will ever need. We suggest you check the IB International website for a large range of fittings.

If you have large project to spec up, IB International products are often specified on existing tenders for irrigation and mining in dust control and washdown applications.

Contact IB International for more product details by email: info@ibinternational.com.au or call on tel: 1300 160 626.

See the full product lines at: www.ibinternational.com.au


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