IDF International Cheese Science and Technology Symposium will reveal expert insights into cheese

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has announced further details on the program for the IDF International Cheese Science and Technology Symposium, that will take place from Monday to Friday the 7 to 11 June 2021.

This 100% virtual event will be an innovative dynamic experience including live and
on-demand presentations, poster workshops, networking, Q&A thematic sessions and virtual booths!

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (EST), 7, 9 and 11 June, the International Cheese Symposium will feature:

  • Keynote presentations and selected talks with live periods of questions and answers
  • Interactive chat rooms with authors of accepted scientific proposals and students  
  • Meetings with dairy partners via the virtual expo
  • All presentations available on demand for attendees to adapt the programme to their time zone and to view for 30 more days

On the mornings of 8 -10 June, the Techno Forum held by Novalait will showcase the results of the research supported by the organisation.

This offers an excellent opportunity to discover the talents of young professionals trained in Novalait’s research projects fuelling innovation in dairy plants and on farms.

Steve Labrie, chair of the Scientific Committee said, “I am convinced that we will deliver a high-quality and innovative event, with many opportunities for scientists and industry representatives to share the latest scientific knowledge on cheese during this virtual symposium.” 

A wealth of experience

The Canadian dairy industry produces 1050 varieties of cheese, produced in 110 factories of which 53 are artisanal and farmstead cheese factories.

The dairy sector is supported by scientific research and expertise, whose experts work closely with industry to answer their needs and to stimulate innovation.

With the aim of delivering the most recent research, innovation, and expertise in cheese science and technology, the scientific programme, which includes 35  live talks and many more on-demand, will focus on five main thematic areas:

  • Microbial ecology: starters, adjunct, and indigenous microbiota
  • Cheese technology: process eco-efficiency and innovative approaches
  • Cheese structure and rheology 
  • Ripening, flavour, and cheese authenticity
  • Innovation, functionality, nutrition, and health

Networking opportunities

In addition to providing a renewed vision of knowledge, in line with current market trends and policies, the event will also offer plenty of chances to network with other producers, advisors, develop business contacts, as well as engaging with scientists.

Throughout the week, virtual poster sessions offer the opportunity to exchange with graduate students and research professionals, our future leaders.

More details on the Symposium can be found on the website: or contact for further information.