Introducing Australia’s Turbodrum

Turbodrum was a collaborative effort by Esperance farmer and engineer Mic Fels and Phillbourne Manufacturing’s Laurie Phillips, and built in Merredin Western Australia.  Source: AFDJ eNews

The first Turbodrum rolled onto Mic’s farm in October 2016, and now new Turbodrums are available on a first in-first served basis.

There is no single feature of Turbodrum that makes it work so well.

The capacity and reliability farmers are getting out of the Turbodrum is a combination of a lot of hard learned farmer experiences.

It has than double the number of retractable fingers, with a much more aggressive pattern. It literally grabs crop and pulls through in a constant and steady flow.

A smaller barrel with taller flighting creates a huge gap for pulling through bulky crops.

Less flighting and more fingers, so now that you can use the full width of your machine.

Turbodrum’s unique patented paddle flights prevent repeating issues by eliminating the usual “dead zone” under the drum.

Plus it has a large diameter, fully welded crankshaft, infinitely adjustable finger timing to suit any conditions, it eliminates the problematic and unnecessary reverse clutch and extends the life of the rest of your expensive machine by reducing shock loading and plugging

Turbodrum is a complete plugout-plugin replacement feed spiral to suit Macdon D60 and D65 header fronts.

The frustration of slow harvest speeds in bulky crops like canola, and even worse, the blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feed drum in these fronts are fixed with Turbodrum, allowing you to go faster and get the crop off quicker.

Turbodrum is a heavy-duty feed drum that comes complete with all internal components fully welded and assembled.

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