Investing in our people for Top End biosecurity includes $1.2 million grant

The next round of the Indigenous Biosecurity Traineeship begins today, building biosecurity capacity for North Queensland, Cape York and the Torres Strait and offering opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be employed in biosecurity related roles.

Up to 5 trainees demonstrated the skills and personal commitment to protect our biosecurity, have now been appointed.

The Indigenous Ranger Biosecurity Program offers the opportunity to bring traditional knowledge of land and sea and strong connection to country to protect us from biosecurity risks.

Northern Australia is a frontline for biosecurity. A strong biosecurity capability is needed to protect Australia from the threat of serious pests and diseases posed by unregulated pathways such as winds and tides and the proximity of our near northern neighbours.

African swine fever for example is now right on our doorstep in Papua New Guinea and could devastate our $1.5 billion pork industry if it were to establish here. The traineeship helps build this capability.

This is about looking locally and building a broad range of skills to fill future employment opportunities.

I look forward to seeing our new trainees complete their traineeship and potentially becoming frontline biosecurity officers.”

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