IrrigationBox currently has a full range of DuCaR and Casella products available

IrrigationBox is now the first stop destination for a wide range of irrigation equipment with many of the products featured in their current catalogue

The DuCaR IrriCruiser soft hoses and Casela hard hoses available from IrrigationBox offer the most current generation of travelling irrigators on the market

For the latest release range of irrigation sprinklers, along with soft and hard hose travelling irrigators, be sure to check the latest IrrigationBox catalogue where many of the top brands are featured.

Take a look at the IrrigationBox catalogue on this link.

One of the top lines that is available from IrrigationBox is an impressive product line manufactured by DuCaR Sprinklers that includes a gear driven range, impact irrigation sprinklers, connection stands, pumps, and complete irrigation system design.

DuCaR Sprinklers works with farmers and scientists around the world to improve irrigation systems’ quality to promote sustainable agriculture and take pride in offering their range at very competitive prices.

Since agricultural and industrial irrigation application varies greatly for different environmental effects, many brands only produce a couple of different types of sprinklers, and these do not meet all current requirements.

That’s why DuCaR is unique in being able to offer custom designed sprinkler systems to meet all farmers’ requirements.

For instance, take a look at the advantages offered with the latest release DuCaR IrriCruiser. This next generation of soft hose travelling irrigators are efficient as they operate at a low cost and are easy to use. Take a look at the video here.

The company is offering small, medium, to large range of turbine driven soft hose travelling irrigators which will be suitable for all agricultural irrigation application. Their patented speed adjustment and by-pass mechanism allows you to easily adjust the flow rate in the turbine.

Currently available from IrrigationBox is the recent release DuCaR Pivot Jet sprinklers.

DuCaR Pivot Jet is the world’s first gear driven end-gun sprinkler for centre pivot system.  The slow reverse rotation allows it to rotate full or semi-circle in the same speed at all time, hence why it gives the perfectly even water distribution.

The 18-deg body angle makes it suitable for portable or stationary systems at windy areas and at location which requires irrigation from low level. It is also equipped with new type of one-hole nozzle.

This allows it to operate with less water and minimise nozzle clogging problem arising from foul water. This function makes it perfect for the use as end-gun at the portable irrigation machines and centre pivots.

Casella Hard Hose Irrigators and Aytok Filters are also listed in the latest IrrigationBox Catalogue that includes impact and gear driven sprinklers, as well as the suitable sprinkler skid bases, wheeled carts, and tripod stands.

The IrrigationBox Catalogue is full of quality irrigation equipment including soft and hard hose irrigators, pumps, lay flat hoses, filtration, soil sensor, including fittings and valves for a perfect irrigation system

Also see equipment parts and components in the IrrigationBox Catalogue, with the high quality layflat hoses from standard to heavy duty, to fire hoses, garden hoses, suction hoses, and layflat hose reels, covering all irrigation applications.

Also check out the full range of agricultural irrigation pumps, from PTO tractor driven, diesel engine, and petrol engine driven pumps. And electric pumps for domestic use.

Many growers will be interested in the selection of advanced technology turbine and engine driven hard hose reel travelling irrigators from Casella that suit small to large agriculture applications with hose lengths from 160 to 500 metres.

Take a look at the IrrigationBox catalogue on this link.

Take a look at the expansive online irrigation supplies store for efficient irrigation systems ranging from gear drive, impact irrigation sprinklers, connection stands and sprinkler carts and save significant amounts on your purchase from the largest volume of stock available anywhere in Australia.

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