IrrigationBox has everything you want in their Product Catalogue

If you have been searching for a one-stop irrigation supply specialist, you have found it with IrrigationBox – take a look through their product catalogue

IrrigationBox is your first stop destination for all irrigation equipment, from impact and gear driven sprinklers, stands and carts, soft and hard hose irrigators, pumps, lay flat hoses, filtration, soil sensor, including fittings and valves for a perfect irrigation system

IrrigationBox has the largest range of agricultural irrigation sprinklers – soft and hard hose travelling irrigators available.

And while the product range from IrrigationBox is impressive, the company is also the distributor of leading brands such as DuCaR Sprinklers, Casella Hard Hose Irrigators and Aytok Filters.

There is a wide range of irrigation equipment listed in the latest IrrigationBox Catalogue including a very extensive selection of impact and gear driven sprinklers, as well as the suitable sprinkler skid bases, wheeled carts, and tripod stands. Along with a range of fittings and valves.

See some hard to find equipment parts and components in the IrrigationBox Catalogue

In addition, IrrigationBox also offers the highest quality of layflat hoses, from standard and heavy duty layflat hoses, to fire hoses, garden hoses, suction hoses, and layflat hose reels, covering all irrigation applications.

In order to achieve the highest performance from your irrigation system, don’t forget to check our diverse options of agricultural irrigation pumps, which is ranging from PTO tractor, diesel engine, and petrol engine driven pumps. And of course, electric pumps for domestic use.

Also take a look at the new generation of turbine driven soft hose travelling irrigators, such as the IrriCruiser Mini, Mini Plus, Midi Plus, Mico, and Comfort models, which have run length from 120m to 400m.

There is also a wide selection of advanced technology turbine and engine driven hard hose reel travelling irrigators from Casella that suit small to large agriculture applications with hose lengths from 160 to 500 metres, aiming for perfect irrigation.

Take a look at the IrrigationBox catalogue on this link.

As an Australian owned and operated company IrrigationBox only sells the best quality and efficient irrigation systems ranging from gear drive, impact irrigation sprinklers, connection stands and sprinkler carts.

IrrigationBox also offers the latest technology soft and hard hose travelling irrigators, pumps, lay flat hoses, plastic and metal irrigation filters, soil sensor, as well as valves and fittings and all parts to keep irrigation equipment maintained in perfect condition.

For all irrigation supplies, IrrigationBox has a wide reputation for offering the most efficient irrigation supplies at best prices directly to your door, no matter where you live.

Take a look at the expansive online irrigation supplies store and save significant amounts on your purchase from the largest volume of stock available anywhere in Australia.

And if you need help deciding the most suitable irrigation system with minimal labour requirement and low operating costs for your operation, IrrigationBox has staff on hand to help with that decision.

Browse online today and buy irrigation sprinklers from IrrigationBox with the cheapest prices and best deals on this link. Contact IrrigationBox direct at the Brisbane HQ on tel: 07 3088 8096, the Sydney Office on tel: 02 9929 9348, or email: