Keep the power coming with Isuzu Power Solutions

Isuzu portable engines
Isuzu portable engines and gen sets easily fall within the $150,000 instant asset write-off for those wanting to upgrade an existing power unit or install a new one

Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) provides a broad range of power units and generator sets to industry across Australia.

IPS power units come in a pre-assembled power pack featuring locally designed and assembled accessories, such as filtration, exhaust and cooling systems.

A more recent addition to the company’s product line-up, IPS Generator Sets (GenSets) can be specified as either open, unhoused units or fully enclosed with full weather and noise proofing.

With the federal government extending the $150,000 instant asset write-off program until the end of the year, there is still plenty of time to consider the purchase of an Isuzu unit to upgrade an existing installation or invest in a new project.

IPS has an expanded and updated, well-received product line-up, offering industries from agriculture and emergency services to mining and construction a comprehensive range of fit-for-purpose power solutions specially tailored for tough Australian conditions.

Industrial engines

IPS industrial engines (fan-to-flywheel) are imported from Japan and are suited for businesses that require a direct engine either for replacement or to power a unique application.

There are over 60 models to choose from, ranging from 2-cylinder 10kW (13hp) units to 6-cylinder 394kW (532hp) models.

IPS power units are available in variable and fixed speed engine configurations, covering three key categories.

  • Make-to-Stock (MTS) range, with pre-assembled units ready to go
  • Bespoke Assembled-to-Order (ATO) range with customisable accessories
  • Fully customisable Engineered-to-Order (ETO) range, with each unit specifically engineered for unique applications

To ensure customers’ specific needs are met, customisation of ATO and ETO units is carried out using the Isuzu Diesel Inquiry Assessment System (DIAS). This engine specification software, exclusive to IPS, helps determine the best power solution for each unique application.

Generator sets

A more recent addition to the Isuzu product line-up, IPS Generator Sets (GenSets) comprise a diesel engine driving an electric alternator, generating electrical power.

IPS GenSets are available as either open or closed configurations:

  • Open, with no weather or soundproof enclosure. These units are ideal for remote ‘prime’ power applications.
  • Enclosed, with a weather and soundproof enclosure for product longevity and noise attenuation. These are ideal for ‘standby’ power applications.

Capable of producing 1PH 230V or 3PH 415V AC, IPS GenSets are typically used as back-up or standby power solutions and vary in size, but they are also popular power options in agricultural applications such as centre-pivot irrigation.

Having operated under the Isuzu Australia Limited umbrella for more than a decade, IPS has a strong industry reputation for quality and reliability, and for providing expert technical and engineering expertise.

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