John Deere 9 Series tractor release arriving in time for 2021-22 season

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Down the production line these 2022 model year 9 Series models include six 9R wheel variants, three 9RT two-track variants and four 9RX four-track tractors

John Deere’s 2022 heavy-weight 9R Series tractors come with uprated transmissions to handle greater power and heavier ballasting but also important among the upgrades are added precision farming and connectivity functions

John Deere is the only manufacturer to offer a line of high powered broadacre tractors with all three configurations, wheel, two-track and four-track. With each designed to ensure large-scale farmers and contractors cover more ground in less time. 

This is an impossible to beat 13 model line-up that bring with them more power and technology than before and a larger, more comfortable cab.

Low-end torque and lugging ability comes from the all-new John Deere PowerTech 13.6-litre diesel engine that powers all models from 287 to 434kW (390 to 590hp).

With the only two exceptions being the biggest models in the range, the 9R 640 and 9RX 640 that settle on 471kW (640hp). Powered by a bewildering strength Cummins 15-litre engine, they offers an additional 15kW (20hp) over their replacement models.

The six wheel models in the 9R Series run the full gambit of the 287 to 471kW (390 to 640hp) on offer.

The 9R Series can be equipped with a multitude of tyre options. And then be coupled with the optional HydraCushion suspension to reduce bouncing during transport.

It is an improved ride quality that also reduces the potential for powerhop in the paddock, placing more power to the ground where it is needed.

It would almost be impossible for a large-scale farmer intent on buying a wheel model, not to choose from this John Deere range.

This is where the John Deere 9R 640 shines with its 471kW (640hp) power generated from a 14.9-litre 6-cylinder Cummins X15 engine it’s a simple exercise to run this 2230FH Cultivator across a wide span for a long day’s work in relative bliss

For track buyers, the three models in the two-track 9RT Series offers a choice of power from 346 to 419kW (470 to 570hp).

These two-track models are ideal for operations that require a large footprint with less ground pressure and lower slip values. They cannot be beaten for the solid hours they can put in for any straight-line pulling, and broad-acre tillage.

Ride quality is never a question with these two-track models as they are fitted with an AirCushion walking beam suspension that ensures ride quality.

If none the above has impressed you so far, take a closer look at the four models on offer in the John Deere 9RX Series of four-track tractors.

There are none more powerful, with engines ranging from 360 to 471kW (490 to 640hp), the industry’s highest power levels for a four-track tractor.

To recognise a 2022 John Deere 9R Series tractor at a glance see the changed model numbering format and the more angular work light housings on the cab roof but be assured this is an all-new beast with outputs raised across the board

Multiple track widths and tread spacings will allow a match for any type of work operation, arming these tractors for either row-crop or broadacre applications.

Four-post cab suspension is standard and dampens pitch and roll, isolating the cab from shocks.

Be surprised at the comfort level while working in the paddock and ride quality while on the road.

John Deere push the line that these four-track 9RX models offer the comfort and manoeuvrability of a wheel tractor, coupled with the pulling performance and flotation of a track tractor.

To accommodate the added power and ballast of the articulated 9 Series Tractors, several undercarriage, axle, and front-frame components have been strengthened and improved.

This has increased the weight of the tractor and the maximum available ballast from 27.2 to 30.3 tonnes to be able to put the enhanced power of the updated lineup to the ground.

Armed with a Variable-ratio ActiveCommand Steering system these 9R wheel and 9RX track models are able to provide rapid response steering in the paddock and a then offer a gentler response on the road.

Inside the restyled 9 Series cab operators are treated to mores spacious surrounds than before, with more storage space, more USB ports and better connectivity than in previous models.

A more automotive feel has been created and when you add the optional 165mm (6.5-inch) touchscreen satellite radio it is smart-phone ready to take voice commands or to integrate controls, make a call or listen to music while sending or receiving messages.

While not all cab variants will be available here, down the factory line, 9 Series tractors offer a choice of select, premium or ultimate cab packages.

John Deere 9 Series tractor release
Operators will appreciate just how well the cab can be stacked for comfort with for instance a second-generation active suspension seat with leather trim, heating, air-con and a massage function, plus a 165mm (6.5-in) DAB+ touch screen radio with Apple CarPlay compatibility

Selections from these comfort and convenience packages include footrests, a refrigerator, and a heated, ventilated massaging seat that swivels up to 25 degrees to the left and 40 degrees to the right.

While the ultimate visibility package offers 24 work LED and eight convenience LED lights, heated telescoping mirrors, along with wipers all-round and front and rear integrated cameras.

John Deere 9 Series Tractors are designed for smart farming and come equipped from the factory with JDLink connectivity, plus an integrated StarFire GPS receiver.

Add to that combination a Generation 4 Command Center display, AutoTrac guidance and free access to the John Deere Operations Center, to help growers harness the value of precision agriculture and data to transform their operations.

For more information, see your local John Deere dealer, here.

John Deere 9 Series tractors can be ordered now, with early orders already placed slated for delivery in the second part of 2021.