John Deere Frontier bolsters tillage and planting line

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John Deere cultipackers are available in working widths from 1.2 to 3.6m and are designed to work with compact and utility tractors

John Deere has bolstered its lineup of Frontier equipment in some markets with the addition of implements including cultipackers, three-point shank rippers and overseeders.

These are implements now being requested by large-scale property owners and Ag contractors that also need smaller equipment to work behind compact, and utility tractors for specialist crop plantings.

Deere’s is offering five models of Frontier cultipackers that are compatible with compact and utility tractors with pto power ranging from 15 to 92kW (20 to 125hp).

A 102mm (4-inch) square mainframe and 406mm (16-inch) cast-iron packer wheels enable Frontier cultipackers to pulverize clods and gently create firm seedbeds with fine particles at the seed depth and a layer of loose mulch on the surface.

Enhanced soil conditions help slow evaporation and conserve moisture while promoting uniform planting depth, maximum seed-to-soil contact and improved yields.

Where seed has been sown, Frontier Cultipackers break up clods and firm the soil around the seeds. Shallow seed placement and improved seed-to-soil contact created by the cultipackers enhances seed germination.

Added to the John Deere range in some world markets are shank rippers and overseeders for compact and utility tractor power of 15 to 92kW (20-125hp)

Working widths are available in 1.22, 1.83, 2.44 and 3.66m (4, 6, 8 and 12-ft) and allow for easy transport on roads and through gates.

Adding to the Frontier range are 3-point mounted shank rippers designed to fracture hardpans as deep as 457mm (18-inches) and aid in root penetration and while decreasing water run-off.

Frontier shank rippers are compatible with compact utility and utility tractors and are available in one, two or three-shank configurations.

The heat-treated shanks can be moved to fit various row spacings, are protected by shear bolts and offer replaceable wear tips. The implement’s category I and II quick-hitch compatibility simplifies connections between the tractor and shank ripper.

Deere claims the Frontier 3-point shank rippers as easy to adjust, maintain and are suited to a wide variety of cropping systems.

Deere has also added a range of Frontier ground-driven overseeders  for primary seeding, overseeding and other applications that include establishing cool and warm-season pasture.

Large-scale operations as well as small farms can use Frontier ground-driven overseeders to plant anything from rye and oats to specialist grasses, legumes, wild flowers, radishes, soybeans and any similar crops.

Available in 1.22, 1.52, 1.83 and 2.13m (4, 5, 6 and 7ft) working widths, the overseeders can be equipped with three seed-box options fitted with fluted seed cups and an agitator for accurate, uniform delivery of turf grass seeds.

The four models include spiked rollers or disc blades that can be set to provide a set cultivation height. Seeding rates can be adjusted as needed.

Cultipacker options can also be added for good seed-to-soil contact and soil finishing. See