John Deere prepares for bumper winter harvest season

John Deere has taken steps to more than double its weekly in-flow of spare parts in preparation of one of the biggest harvests on record

John Deere literally has plane loads of parts in stock in preparation of one of the busiest winter harvests on record and while industry pundits are being conservative with their lead-up estimates it is most likely it could be the biggest season haul ever

John Deere customers will be looked after for parts and services required during a predicted bumper winter harvest for season 2021-22, after taking collection of 110 tonnes of goods that touched down in Melbourne this week on a dedicated Qantas flight.

Cropping experts have forecast a winter crop harvest of 46.8 million tonnes, and if realised will be 13% above the 10-year average to 2020-21 in most cropping regions of the eastern states and South Australia.

John Deere Australia/New Zealand Managing Director, Luke Chandler, said John Deere had secured an ongoing 10 tonnes of cargo capacity per week over recent months that would continue in the lead up to harvest, in addition to the 110 tonnes on the dedicated freighter, to provide farmers with the swift and efficient support they need throughout the all-important period.

“We know harvest is often the single biggest and most important event on the calendar for broadacre enterprises, and that it is not only critical to the bottom line of farm businesses but also to the consistent and secure flow of high-quality food to the world,” Luke Chandler said. 

“This is why we have worked to prioritise securing this additional capacity to boost our in-flow of stock – to place us on the front foot in resourcing what is on course to, for a number of key growing areas, be another outstanding crop for our dedicated grain growers. 

John Deere MD Luke Chandler has made sure his customers will be covered for any breakdowns during harvest with the most parts ever shipped into the country ready and waiting

“We strive to work collaboratively with industry to lead an efficient, sustainable and profitable farm sector and these types of practical, on-the-ground initiatives, along with the support provided by our technicians and technologies such as John Deere Connected Support, are at the very foundation of our commitment to this overarching mission.” 

Once unloaded in Melbourne, goods from the dedicated Qantas freighter will be dispatched to the Australia and New Zealand Distribution Centre (ANZDC), an integral part of John Deere’s worldwide distribution network providing more than 133,000 stocked lines to support over 340 current models of John Deere machinery in the field, as well as products from earlier John Deere generations.

“We know not every grower will have the season they hoped for a number of reasons, but it is heartening to see the broad forecast of another tremendous crop this year for many major production zones.”

“John Deere wishes farmers, contractors and operators the very best for a safe and productive harvest 2021-22,” Luke Chandler concluded.

For your local John Deere dealer that can supply parts, go to this link.