John Deere releases Work Planner mobile solution

With Work Planner at their fingertips, operators can see at a glance what work needs to be completed for whichever paddock they are in

A centralised solution for planning and tracking the work that needs to be done, Work Planner is being brought online as part of the latest upgrades to the John Deere digital ecosystem.

Work Planner is designed to help farmers and contractors ensure their business’s workflow is running smoothly and data is being collected accurately, while allowing operators to start work as soon as they are in the paddock.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand’s new Precision Agriculture Manager, Benji Blevin, said the technology is aligned with John Deere’s focus on helping farmers synchronise the management of their people, equipment and data.

“This technology means farmers can plan and communicate much more efficiently with their operators about work that needs to be completed,” Mr Blevin said.

“Because the information is synced, everyone is working off the same plan. This helps reduce mistakes, and also assists farm managers to more effectively monitor overall job quality as they can see exactly what’s happening and make adjustments if needed.”

Plans can be created, modified and actioned instantly either from the office, or on the go through a mobile phone.

“For the operator, this means when they drive into a paddock a pop up will appear on the Generation 4 CommandCenter with the Work Plan for that paddock, and they can click one button to set up data collection on the display and get started,” Mr Blevin said.

Other upgrades in the software update include the coming together of Operations Center web (for desktop) and Operations Center mobile (formerly called MyOperations) to create an aligned user experience. This includes adoption of a common and easy-to-use interface to streamline and simplify use of the technology for customers.

The improved Operations Center brings clarity and organisation to farm data management, and helps farmers set up, plan, and monitor their field work, and analyse their data to make sound business decisions.


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