K-Line offers strategic tillage plan for next season

Large scale farming operations can now gain the benefit of improved soil conditions as K-Line releases the Mammoth Powerflex that can work miracles across 15.5m

With optimism in the agricultural industry rising throughout 2020, farmers are now mulling over their management plan for next season.

K-Line is at the forefront of offering ways growers can further improve productivity, efficiencies, and soil health to optimise every drop of rain and nutrients for the 2021 season.

Strategic tillage from K-Line is being applied across the country to optimise crop growth and yields.

Whether it be soil compaction, acidic band issues, sub-optimal soil structure affecting plant moisture and nutrient availability, or mechanical management of chemical resistant weeds.

Bill Larsen, the Director of sales and marketing at K-Line Ag has been talking with farmers across the country.

“Farmers are innovative, they are more determined than ever to re-evaluate their soil improvement techniques. They are progressive and always considering new management practises and methods that will help improve yields.” says Bill.

The K-Line Ag range has become very popular among grain growers across the country.

They are Australian made and continually evolving to meet the demands of the various soil types and farming industries.

The machines of particularly high value and interest for improving crop yields through strategic tillage are the new large Speedtiller Powerflex® models and the ThunderRipper® with hydraulic tynes.

“One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to soil improvements. We’ve had growing interest from farmers wanting both a Ripper and a Speedtiller®, Bill added.

“They are experiencing good results in soil structure and production levels, by first ripping and then cross passing with a Powerflex.

“The Powerflex leaves the clay nicely incorporated through the top 10cm of soil, thereby improving both soil structure, water retention and crop yields.” Bill concluded.

The large Powerflex® models weigh between 7.5 and 22.5 tonnes and have between 50 and 125 discs operating at any one time.

The newest addition to the range of K-Line machines is the 15.5m Mammoth Powerflex. This model is particularly well suited to the large scale farming operations.

Watch the 15.5m Speedtiller® Powerflex in action by clicking this video link: https://www.k-line.net.au/video/#videos_speedtiller_powerflex

And while it’s not often can you buy the one machine that serves so many purposes, the Speedtiller Powerflex® is that multi-purpose machine.

It is the answer to chemical resistant weeds, residue management and incorporation, soil structure improvement and seedbed preparation.

If acidity band issues are determined to be a problem then planned incorporation of lime or gypsum with a Speedtiller, prior to planting in 2021, could be a management option that will assist in improving soil health for optimal plant growth.

Addressing soil compaction is the best way to assist plants in developing the deep-grown roots they need for standability and access to nutrients and moisture.

Doing this without sacrificing important surface trash and organic matter is key, so employing a specially designed deep ripping implement like the K-Line ThunderRipper® is a perfect solution.

The K-Line ThunderRipper® can work across 2.5 to 6m and is designed to shatter sub-soil compactions with minimal disturbance to the upper or surface layers of the soil where it still maintains important surface trash and organic matter

The ThunderRipper® is designed to shatter sub-soil compactions with minimal disturbance to the upper or surface layers of the soil.

This is important because it accomplishes the task of combatting the compaction issues without overly aggressive disruptions of the soil’s surface.

By maintaining the surface organic matter and top-level humus, there is less likelihood of soil erosion and decreased soil efficiency.

K-Line Ag continues to drive ahead with innovation in farm tillage machinery by listening to and acting on the needs and challenges faced by local farmers.

“When producers are faced with new challenges and pain points we like to work alongside them to develop the tillage and seeding machines that meet their requirements.” said Bill.

Take advantage of the low finance rates available and the instant asset tax write off incentives. Order now so that your machine is ready and in the shed for the 2021 season.

Call K-Line on 1800 194 131 or go to https://www.k-line.net.au/contact-us/ to locate your nearest authorised Dealer.


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