K-Line sold to CNH Industrial as it digs deeper into tillage implements

5 men behind them a tractor
K-Line Ag gets the backing of CNH Industrial as it joins their agriculture stable of sustainable soil machines – shown here are K-Line Ag’s David Larsen, Bill Larsen, and James Larsen along with CNHI’s Brandon Stannett and Dave Long

CNH Industrial (CNHI ) has purchased local agricultural equipment manufacturer K-Line Ag in a move that adds to its portfolio of all-Aussie made tillage and planting  models.

This follows the CNHI purchase of Aussie icon Horwood Bagshaw, based in Mannum SA in 2018. Best known Horwood Bagshaw lines include their Scaribar, PSS seed bar, air seeder, and grader scraper. All designed and built locally.

And while these well-known products joined CNH Industrial under the Flexi-Coil range, they are part of the ongoing thrust into soil tools following the appointment of Wade Smith as Tillage and Seeding Engineer at CNH Industrial in January 2019.

Prior to that appointment Wade Smith ran the Paxton Plow Co which was subsequently taken over by CNHI as well. The Paxton Plow range includes soil renovators, a culti bar and deep rippers.

It is expected these badges will be added to the global crop production portfolio of CNHI’s agriculture brands Case IH and New Holland.

The latest CNHI purchase, K-Line Ag with its manufacturing base in Cowra NSW follows the K-Line model foray into the US where it was planning to extend sales of its range considerably.

Tractor Grinding field
Soon to be a familiar sight in North America with the combined force of K-Line Ag and Case IH machinery in a rebadging that will see K-Line models become Case IH as they expand their market in the US

K-Line Ag came to the attention of CNHI when US farmers began to see the merits of the K-Line Speedtiller as it made a successful jump into the international market.

US growers were offered for the first time a high-speed tillage tool designed for deep and shallow settings that could deliver uniform results. It gave US growers access to seedbed preparation without compromising their long-term drilling operations.

The agricultural implement business, K-Line Ag was founded in 1993 by Richard Larsen after he saw an opening in the market for a broader, more efficient range of tillage machinery.

Since then K-Line Ag has pioneered the production of high-performance tillage and residue management equipment such as the Speedtiller, designed as a dual-purpose disc-tillage machine known for its soil conditioning capabilities.

The manufacturing of K-Line Ag products like the Speedtiller will remain in Cowra NSW, with plans to ramp up production and increase the number of units produced each month.

It is expected the Larsen family will also remain heavily involved in strategy and day to day management of the business.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our Australian and New Zealand customers, with K-Line Ag known for innovative soil management solutions that result in high productivity in a variety of growing regions and conditions,” said Brandon Stannett, CNH Industrial Managing Director – Agriculture, Australia and New Zealand.

“As a company, we’re increasingly focused on tillage and seeding methods that promote sustainability and soil protection, and the suite of products that K-Line Ag has developed fits perfectly with this direction.

Their commitment to innovation, reliability and efficiency also aligns with the qualities that underpin Case IH and New Holland, providing a synergy that can only mean important opportunities for us and our customers.”

Brandon said K-Line Ag products would continue to be sold under the current badge in Australia and New Zealand through existing Case IH, New Holland and selected independent dealers.

However, the range will be re-branded as Case IH in the North American market, where K-Line Ag equipment has been sold since 2013.


Same 5 dudes behind them is a k-line building
It is expected the manufacture of K-Line Ag products like the Speedtiller will remain in Cowra NSW with plans to ramp up production with an increased number of units produced

Case IH is one of the leading tillage brand in North America, with the company identifying surface compaction and seedbed floor levelness as critical when it comes to seed placement accuracy, early root development and yield.

“As a global company we’re excited to be making this level of investment in an Australian company whose reputation for excellence and results is known around the world.

We’re proud to bring K-Line Ag into the CNH Industrial agriculture stable and know that together we can continue to raise the bar with equipment that satisfies the needs of farmers looking for sustainable farming solutions that don’t compromise on efficiency and productivity,” Brandon said.


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