Kivi-Pekka rock picker offers a special flotation tyre upgrade worth $6,375

Buy a 5, 6 or 7 metre model prior to current stock running out and you will be armed with the best rock picker currently available and also take advantage of the full value Instant Asset Tax write-off scheme

A never to be repeated exclusive offer for AFDJ readers is a $6,375 discount off a flotation tyre upgrade when you purchase a 5, 6, or 7 metre Kivi-Pekka from current stock

The Kivi-Pekka rock picker out of Finland has the reputation as the world’s toughest performer and that’s backed by its sales record in more than 43 countries.

Now available in our local market the Kivi-Pekka carries one of the best deals available to take advantage of the Instant Asset Tax write-off scheme.

Choose from a 5, 6 or 7 metre model and you will get a $6,375 discount off a flotation tyre upgrade. This deal is not

available on the smaller 4 metre model.

This value will never be repeated, and it’s on models that are already the best

available for rock and root clearing in both new ground or long established pasture that needs a clean-up.

And because the Kivi-Pekka is a one-person operation it can  essentially does two jobs in one pass.

With just one tractor, and one operator work time is cut in half as the Kivi-Pekka is able to

line-up and rake the rocks and pick up at the same time in just one-run down the paddock.

This action is due to the design of the Kivi-Pekka, as it differs to many rock pickers that have a main sieve where the stones are scooped off the ground.

With the Kivi-Pekka it has its main soil sieve that sits behind a grate located on the back of the Hardox steel storage bin.

With that design difference the main sieving process happens in the tipping stage, when the bin is sitting 90 degrees to the ground, and the grated back wall of the bin allows the soil to fall into the soil container.

As the Kivi-Pekka picks up it also throws the rocks into a holding bin and when  full the rocks are quickly loaded into a waiting trailer as required.

Both the lifting drum and the rock rake on the Kiva-Pekka also get some added strength as they are driven by separate belts.

The power is transmitted through these drive belts, that also work to absorb the shock from over-size stones when they come into contact with the machine.

The design is simple, the drive belts absorb the shock by slipping when they contact with a large rock sitting just under the soil’s surface that doesn’t want to budge.

If you encounter ground where it slips relatively often, it avoids causing damage and belts are cheaper to replace than slip clutches.

As the job requires, the drive-train of the Kiva-Pekka is very sturdy and built to last. Strong SKF bearings are incorporated into the build and the grease nipples are easily accessible.

The lifting drum design on the Kiva-Pekka sets it apart and has come about following years of product usage in the paddock.

The standard tines 13x50mm are equipped to Kivi-Pekka stone pickers with a Flex Drum that takes the maximum stone size up to 50cm (20-in).

The tank volume on the three smallest models is 2 cubic metres, while the large 7m model holds 3 cubic metres of capacity in the tank.

The Kivi-Pekka is designed to attach to the tractor by the drawbar this way the working depth can be adjusted by a hydraulic ram. And you can keep a check on things with an in-cab monitor.

This method of mounting is also serves to reduce excessive wear on the PTO shaft and can ensure the operator that the working depth is constant or when required can be adjusted with the tractor’s hydraulic remote.

With the Kivi-Pekka stone pickers available in four work widths: 4m (13ft), 5m (17ft), 6m (20ft) and 7m (23ft), you can choose a model according to its planned usage rate and density of stone in the soil.

The three larger models, the Kivi-Pekka 5, 6 and 7, each

have a wider lifting drum that operates more efficiently with a higher volume of stones. All four models have a lifting height of 2.9m.

An advantage of the Kivi-Pekka models is that they don’t need a high towing capacity tractor.

For instance the 4m model only requires towing capacity of 51kW (70hp) with hydraulic capacity of just 20-litres/min. This is a big saving on fuel and other running costs.

The the Kivi-Pekka 5 and 6m models only need 59kW (80hp) of draft capacity, while the 7m model requires a tad more  with 74kW (100hp) recommended. Working speed varies from one to 6kph.

The machine can be folded for transport in 20 seconds, from the safety of the cab.

The design behind this is achieved by a single ram that is positioned vertically and lifts each individual wing on a pendulum type set-up.

BLG Imports is the Kivi-Pekka distributor for Australia.

The current models available are not subject to the upcoming price increase due to popularity of the models worldwide, and consequential production shortages.

To take advantage of this special offer on a 5, 6 or 7 metre Kivi-Pekka model while current stock lasts, and you will get a $6,375 discount off a flotation tyre upgrade.

If you need a rock picker now or in the future, this offer is too good to miss.

Call Ben Nichols on mobile: 0428 694 339 to organise a model in any state, or by email to:, or talk to Jono Moss for a model in WA/SA on 0488 336 949, or email:

Kivi-Pekka stone pickers technical specifications:

 Kivi-Pekka 5Kivi-Pekka 6Kivi-Pekka 7
Weight (kg)500054006540
Working width (cm)500600700
Size of stones (cm)2,5 – 35 (50with Flex Drum)2,5 – 35 (50with Flex Drum)2,5 – 35 (50with Flex Drum)
Efficiency1000 kg/min1200 kg/min1400 kg/min
Tank volume1,5–2 m³1,5–2 m³3 m³
Tire size
Single axle560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5
Bogey axle500/55R20, 500/50R17500/55R20, 500/50R17560/60R22.5, 700/45R22
Support wheels195 x 14 bogey195 x 14 bogey195 x 14 bogey
Power requirement80 hp80 hp100 hp
Working speed1-6 km/h1-6 km/h1-6 km/h
Lift drum tines28 pcs28 pcs33 pcs
Tipping height (cm)290290290