Krone Comprima CV 150 XC Plus baler wrapper is made for extreme conditions

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Krone is offering uncompromised stability and in a strong build with the release of its Comprima CV 150 XC Plus baler wrapper

Krone’s Comprima CV 150 XC baler wrapper is a high-performance machine perfect for hard working contractors battling more extreme farm conditions and mid to large dairy farms

The Comprima will sit neatly alongside Krone’s VariPack belt baler released in 2020, and will be backed up with the tried and trusted Fortima baler models. Both Comprima and Fortima models run Krone’s popular slat elevator system.

Krone Assistant Product Manager Nathan Thomas said Krone is continuing its commitment to their unique slat elevator design through the introduction of the Comprima CV 150 XC Plus model for 2021.

This is an upgrade to the highly successful CV 150 XC X-treme baler.

“The new baler wrapper has been designed with strong components to successfully combat the most extreme farm conditions,” Nathan Thomas said.

“Design changes including new covers, light holders and minor colour changes give the machine a more modern look and run in line with our current range of Comprima balers. While the rear wrapper design has been updated and the overall height has been reduced.

“The Comprima Plus wrapper’s has introduced ultrasound sensor to replace the previous sensor arms to more easily identify if the bale is on the wrapping table and a wheel and rubber mat on the bale turner ensures a better turning process.

“The wrapping table’s deep cradle and big bobbins ensure the bale is consistently rolled during the wrapping cycle in tough conditions,” Nathan Thomas said.

Consistent bale rolling on Krone’s Comprima CV 150 XC baler wrapper is achieved through the wrapping table’s deep cradle and big bobbins, while ultrasound sensor ensures a better turning process

Krone’s enclosed onboard hydraulic system, used for all its baler wrapper combination functions, self-regulates and prevents system contamination through its own hydraulic tank, pump, filters and valves to run the machine reliably.

This ensures the user has one less thing to worry about with no tractor flow adjustments required.

Krone’s standard tandem axle with large 600/50 R22.5 tyres, allows for a smooth ride in the paddock or on the road with the tandem axle keeping the baler afloat during wet seasons and helping performance when baling on a hillside.

W-Pattern pick up ensures a more even flow and self-cleaning effect in silage and greater convenience is provided through a new electric pressure adjustment system in the cabin, allowing the operator to easily adjust the density of the baler from the tractor cabin.

Nathan Thomas added that Krone is excited to bring the Comprima CV 150 XC Plus baler wrapper to the our local market.

“The new bale wrapper is a high-performance machine that will satisfy the needs of contractors and mid to large size dairy farms,” Nathan Thomas said. The Comprima CV 150 XC Plus is now available across Krone dealerships. For more information and to find your nearest dealer, go to the website