Kubota M5-1 ROPS models are simple tractors with FEL option

With a power range from 69 to 82kW (93 to 110hp) Kubota M5-1 ROPS models are Ideal for weekend or full-time farmers looking for a small utility model with plenty of power
Kubota M5-1 ROPS
Just can’t see why this Series won’t sell-out quickly, Kubota M5-1 Standard ROPS models are already here with the Narrow ROPS models arriving soon

Kubota is offering a very likely best-selling range of models with the release of its M5-1 ROPS Series with both standard and narrow configurations available.

There is plenty of power to work with here. The M5091 and M5111 come in a Standard width of 2047 to 2174mm and offer engine power of 69kW (93hp) and 82kW (110) respectively.

While the M5091 and M5101 Narrow models have a much tighter width of 1473 to 2174mm and offer engine power of 69kW (93hp) and 78kW (105) respectively.

These ROPS models cater for buyers that want a little more power than variants in Kubota’s M40 Series ROPS but don’t see the need to step up to a Cabin model in the M5-1 Series.

And like the cabin models, these ROPS variants are fitted with a clean and proven Kubota 4-cylinder V3800 CR Tier 4i engine with a 3.81 litre displacement, turbocharging, common rail and a particulate filter to take away exhaust nasties.

Kubota M5-1
Everything about the Kubota M5-1 ROPS line of models makes a compelling argument to choose these models before anything else – but don’t delay the first shipment will sell quickly

Balance this clean engine up against models offering nasty tier 3 emissions and judge for yourself if your health is important to you, and any other person that may be working around the tractor.

Don’t be fooled by anyone that tells you tier 3 engines offer anything other than ill health prospects. They were regulated closely from 21 April 2004 and consequently have been banned in Europe and the US since 2014.

Distributers of tractors within Australia have had plenty of time to follow suit, but choose to ignore any possible health risk for their customers.

Fortunately for local buyers, Japanese built Kubota tractors have been at the forefront of fitting cleaner engines to its models.

And now local farmers have more power, versatility and an array of options to draw on with Kubota’s M5-1 ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structures) models offering engine technology that has been redesigned to give maximum power at the lower engine speed of 2400rpm.

Kubota Senior Product Manager for Tractors and Precision Farming Konstantin Blersch said ROPS tractors make up 20% of all tractors in their power category in our local market, and the M5-1 Series is also positioned to fill a gap in the market.

“We’re excited to bring the M5-1 ROPS model to Australia. Its advanced simplicity allows for easy movement and short height increases its practicality,” Mr Blersch said.

“The ROPS model allows the operator to stay in contact with workers around the tractor while remaining seated at all times.

“The higher power at lower speed in the M5-1 ROPS also means greater fuel efficiency and will ensure it gets the operator through a long day of work.”

With a clean and proven Kubota 4-cylinder V3800 CR Tier 4i engine with 3.81 litre displacement, turbocharging and a particulate filter to take away exhaust nasties this is the pick of ROPS models in this power category

The M5-1 Standard ROPS transmissions have been kept simple with 18 gears while still delivering the operator plenty of choice.

In the Standard models six synchronised gears and three ranges team up with a smooth power shuttle to cover speeds from slow creep to fast transport work.

This makes it suitable for applications such as low and high-speed tillage.

While the transmission of the M5-1 Narrow has dual speed splitters to offer 36 speeds for a multitude of applications in orchards and vineyards.

The Kubota X46 front loader has been matched to the ability of the M5-1 Standard ROPS models, with a specific hydraulic kit to suit the ROPS models.

This gives the operator more versatility particularly for handling hay straw and silage.

Kubota M5-1 Standard ROPS models are already available from your nearest Kubota dealer, while the M5-1 Narrow models will be arriving for delivery from January 2021.

However, for anyone interested in the narrow model, don’t wait as these models will sell quickly and once the first shipment is sold-out you may have to wait in line.

To place an order, find your nearest dealer on the Kubota website.


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