KUHN continues as a leading innovator in precision spreading for over 20 years

KUHN Farm Machinery led a revolution in the fertiliser industry with the introduction of its EMC technology and today offers the most extensive model range

Wasting valuable fertiliser came to an end when KUHN developed Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) technology and introduced spreading to precision farming with a managed flow even across uneven terrain and slopes

Many current spreader operators wouldn’t realise just how much spreading was left to chance with bulk application right across the paddock meant to do the trick, just over 20 years ago.

There was no spreading of fertiliser at a set rate, and with very little consideration for plant requirements, as the operation was simply to cover the paddock from one end to the other.

That wasteful and unpredictable application method came to an end with the emergence of KUHN’s Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) technology, a major breakthrough innovation in precision farming.

KUHN’s EMC technology has been designed to measure and continually adjust the application rate on each separate disc as required.

The design means that operators no longer have the risk of over or under application once the application rate (kg/ha) has been set.

Managing the even flow and application of fertiliser across uneven terrain and undulating slopes has the effect of optimising the result for operators with a qualified improvement in the crop’s yield.

Sitting at the top of the specification chart is the KUHN AXIS 50.2 H-EMC-W fertiliser spreader that incorporates its EMC and CDA technology and can spreader out to 50-metres with a product capacity of 4200-litres

KUHN has built on their EMC technology advance to today offer the technology in the widest range of quality and proven fertiliser spreaders available for any one brand

There are both mounted and trailed options in the range to cater for every type of farming operation and for small and large application requirements.

Two of KUHN’s biggest selling mounted spreaders ranges are the AXIS and MDS.2


KUHN’s AXIS fertiliser spreader offers operators very thorough precision spreading by incorporating its EMC and CDA technology.

The Coaxial distribution adjustment (CDA) technology designed by KUHN allows operators to adapt to the many different challenges they will face during operation, such as including different fertilisers, variable application rates and multiple working widths.

KUHN AXIS fertiliser spreaders are available in a range of models that can spread across widths of 12 to 50-metres and carry product capacities ranging from 1000 to 4200-litres

CDA has two key features that address operator challenges, making the process unique.
They are:

  1. A pivoting hopper base. This allows a quick adaptation to various fertilisers and working widths by adjusting the drop point of the fertiliser on the distribution discs.
  2. Specially designed metering outlets close to the centre of the disc that allows multiple supply points to the blades. This ensures a constant flow of fertiliser spread in an even pattern.

This unique application of the latest technology allows the mounted AXIS spreader to work accurately across widths of 12 to 50-metres and to easily handle product capacities ranging from 1000 to 4200-litres, while the trailed AXIS fertiliser spreader has a product capacity of 9400-litres.

KUHN AXIS models offer a further advantage of being compatible with both QUANTRON and ISOBUS electric controls.

QUANTRON is a dedicated control box for the machine and is compatible with a host of different terminals on the market for variable rate application and Section Control by GPS.

Alternatively, operators could use the ISOBUS control terminal, where the machine is controlled with the CCI 1200 or CCI 50 ISOBUS terminal, or other ISOBUS terminals on the market.

The KUHN MDS.2 range can spread across widths of 10 to 24-metres while carrying hopper product capacities from 500-litres up to 2000-litres for the MDS 20.2 model shown here that saves time by reducing refills


The KUHN MDS.2 range of mounted fertiliser spreader are known for simple operation ability and highly effective application results.

The KUHN MDS.2 range offers working widths of 10 to 24-metres, with a single-cone hopper product capacity of 500 to 2000-litres.

These models have earned their credentials in vineyards, orchards, and vegetable crops where they have made their mark as the first choice for operators.

The MDS.2 range of fertiliser spreaders are designed with a single hopper because this engineering creates a perfect centre of gravity, ensuring that there is always a steady flow of fertiliser being fed through the hopper and that it will empty completely.

The MDS 20.2 model has the largest hopper capacity in the range at 2000-litres and can hold up to three bulk-bags at a time reducing the operators down time for re-loading.

The compact design of KUHN’s MDS 8.2 fertiliser spreader with a 800-litre product capacity are easy to manoeuvre from row to row and with an overall width of 1.08m it makes them well suited to orchards and vineyards

KUHN’s MDS (Multi Disc System) allows operators to spread during crop growth and later in the season across high crops. The MDS ensures a high level of precision with granulated fertilisers, cover crop seeds or anti-slug pellets.

The MDS disc system is highly versatile as it can be adjusted according to the type of fertiliser, working width, length, angle and orientation of the crop.

All models in the KUHN MDS.2 range have been designed with a slow rotating agitator, at 180rpm.

The slow rotation creates a consistent fertiliser flow without damaging any of the granules and without clogging the outlets. The agitator allows for optimum spreading precision no matter the size or density of the product being spread.

KUHN’s mounted fertiliser spreaders are designed to adapt to all types of applications and the model range has been developed to cater for farm operations working on a large-scale as well as for smaller specialist spreading operations where accuracy is the ultimate goal.

Operators can be assured that any application conducted with a KUHN fertiliser spreader will be precise and effective due to the leading technology inbuilt into these models.

For more information on the KUHN fertiliser spreader range, head to this link, and for your nearest dealer check here.

KUHN AXIS specifications

KUHN MDS.2 specifications