KUHN hay and forage models offer the best value this season

For hay and feed producers looking to increase their income from improved product engineering many will discover an ideal model from the KUHN stable

KUHN is now taking orders for the season’s most advanced high performance variable chamber balers, high output belt mergers and high density large square balers

KUHN Agricultural Farm Machinery is renowned for being one step ahead of the market and is currently forging the way with orders being placed for some outstanding hay and forage models in the coming season.

Hay and feed producers can get in now and secure one of these high production models sporting the most innovative technology to optimise their operation and as a result boost profits.

KUHN is offering a wide variety of hay and forage machinery in capacities that cater for both large- and small-scale operations.

Many independent operators will find a model to suit their budget, while larger contractors may opt for models that have been designing to deliver in bulk and quickly to keep up with busy operations supplying livestock feed for both local and export markets.

KUHN’s hay and forage range is continually evolving and will reach somewhat of a pinnacle this season with new technology being built into their models, increasing the efficiency of operators who will be able to produce more.

Three of KUHN’s core hay and forage machines will be in big demand, the SB 1290 iD large square baler, the Merge Maxx belt merger, and the VB 7100 series round baler.

KUHN’s SB 1290 iD large square baler offers the highest density 120 x 90cm bale in excess of 25% over conventional balers

KUHN SB 1290 iD large square baler

KUHN’s SB 1290 iD large square baler is well placed to optimise performance. This model has been designed to produce heavier bales, with the advantage of being able to maintain quality in all crop conditions including when baling silage, hay and sugar cane.

This baler can also gather the produce quickly from its intake width of 230cm.

Behind the ability to produce heavier bales, KUHN’s SB 1290 iD is able to increase compaction by 60-plus tonnes and as a result provides the highest density bale by a margin of 25% over conventional balers.

The SB 1290 iD is also very reliable. Its design follows simple, efficient techniques like the integral rotor and power density that produces rock-hard, perfectly shaped 120 x 90cm bales.

The KUHN Maxx Merge 950 shown in action here has been built to work through every type of crop and offers a cutting width of 9.5m

KUHN Merge Maxx 760, 950 and 1090

KUHN’s Merge Maxx 760, 950 and 1090 belt mergers are highly versatile models, designed to optimise any raking process.

With a selection of windrow configurations, the Merge Maxx can gather any type of forage (light or heavy, short, or long) to form perfect windrows.

The Merge Maxx offers a selection of raking widths from 7.50m up to 10.95m. To maximise output, the working speed of the self-propelled chopper has been increased by 3kph for the coming season.

KUHN’s VB 7100 series variable chamber round baler once underway takes just four seconds to eject a bale and close the tailgate ready for the next bale

KUHN VB 7100 series variable chamber round baler

KUHN’s VB 7100 series variable chamber round baler optimises output by delivering up to 30 tonnes/hour in various crop conditions including hay, silage and other dry produce.

With the four belt + three roller design in the bale chamber and KUHN’s I-DENSE system, the VB 7100 can produce round bales with densities up to 140kg/m3, offering a fast, secure and consistent bale formation.

It also measures the moisture of the forage and automatically adapts the bale pressure without interference of the operator.

This baler moves at an astounding quick pace, and as a result will increase operator efficiency. In just four seconds a bale can be ejected, and the tailgate closed ready for the next bale.

Learn more about KUHN hay and forage models for the coming season, and the wide range of agricultural machinery KUHN offers at: www.kuhn.com.au/agricultural-machinery