KUHN Performer and Optimer get a big performance tick

Performer is a combined disc and tine cultivator from KUHN and is now the must have tillage tool for next season along with the Optimer for increased material flow

The One Pass system of KUHN’s Performer guarantees large-scale savings by using one machine, one operator, one pass and less fuel and it folds to a manageable 3.0m for transport

KUHN offers a cultivator that every grower needs in their machine arsenal as it’s capable of replacing at least two other machines and that’s a big saving right there.

KUHN’s Performer offers growers something that is unique because it is designed as a combined disc and tine cultivator. This allows operators to do clean-up and just below surface work with excellent results and in addition the Performer can adapt to deep ripping and any setting in-between and achieve the desired result in just one-pass.

KUHN designers have latched onto the vital ingredients that direct drilling growers now have to add to their long-term paddocks to keep yields running at optimum levels. Results only achieved with a mix of tillage tools.

However, the Performer has changed the need for additional models at it offers four actions within one frame. It achieves cutting, mixing or loosening, levelling, and consolidation, all in a single pass.

The unique design equips the Performer to take on a wide range of working conditions and varying crop residues.

All due to the independent or combined use of each component, configured as two rows of discs, four rows of tines and a roller. The front disc cut retains organic matter, closely followed by the tines that will mix the organic matter with the soil.

KUHN’s Performer One Pass set-up consists of several cultivation tools to work the soil between 150 and 350mm deep in a single pass. The two rows of independent discs with a diameter of 510mm efficiently chop up residues and roots while the four rows of curved tines perform deep mixing and incorporation of the straw

There are five different Performer models to choose from, the 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 with each model offering a progressively wider working width, and greater number of discs, shanks and levelling discs.

Starting with the Performer 3000 able to cut across 2.95m with a tractor power requirement of only 132kW (180hp) for shallow and surface clean-up mixing, while deep ripping requires tractor power of 221kW (300hp) to gain the best results.

With the 4000, 5000, 6000 offering increased performance we move up the top of the line Performer 7000 able to cut across 7m with a tractor power requirement of 309kW (420hp) for shallow and surface mixing, while deep ripping requires tractor power of 515kW (700hp) to gain the best results.

KUHN engineers have designed the Performer to achieve the best results for deep mixing and soil loosening, with the tines positioned 280mm apart, across four rows. This, along with the 80mm under frame allows any organic residue to pass through and underneath the frame of the Performer.

In the one pass the discs cut through any type of residue then the tines loosen the soil down to 350mm without excessive disturbance for a more fertile soil bed

To increase operator efficiency, the levelling discs can be adjusted from the tractor cab. The levelling discs are mounted on a curved arm that is equipped with an elastomeric safety system for protection across rocky terrain.

The HD-Liner 700mm roller has been designed to operate in a wide range of working conditions including through organic matter and sticky soils.

The roller’s weight is 225kg/metre, with the overall weight varying depending on each of the Performer models. With the 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 weighing in respectively at 4930, 6900, 7600, 8600 and 9700kg’s.

KUHN engineers have designed the HD-Liner roller to retain a non-pressed area between roller discs with the result of increasing water infiltration and reducing any run-off.

To optimise the best results for an operator, all adjustments are made hydraulically to compensate for any possible setting errors.

KUHN has also taken into consideration the need to transport the Performer along public roads as well as between paddocks and as a result the machine is designing to fold up into a 3m width suitable for quick transport.

The Performer’s unique design of offering four actions within one frame gives this model the ability to optimise an operators output through efficiency and to gain a quality result every time.

KUHN’s Optimer range is ideal for shallow stubble cultivation even when working with heavy crop residue – there are 96 discs on the Optimer XL 12000 each with a diameter of 620mm

KUHN Optimer

The introduction of KUHN’s Optimer XL 12000 onto our local shores has stepped up the competition amongst competitors in the tillage industry.

Designed for stubble cultivation, trash management, soil levelling and the destruction of green covercrops, KUHN’s Optimer XL 12000 offers a whole host of new innovative functions designed to improve the efficiency and quality of work it performs.

Offering mounted or trailed models 12 metres (39.3ft) wide, the Optimer XL 12000 caters to large-scale operators.

With a variable working depth of 50 to 150mm, the Optimer XL 12000 is ideal for shallow stubble cultivation even when working with heavy crop residue.

There are 96 disks on the Optimer XL 12000 each with a diameter of 620mm. Each disk is 6mm thick prolonging the life of the disks by 20% in comparison to disks 5mm thick ensuring quality, durability and therefore time efficiency.

Taking into consideration the variation in distance off the ground across the 12 metre span, KUHN has assured a consistent working depth by incorporating a ‘Steady Control’ system. The Steady Control system controls each of the five segments independently across the machine.

Two KUHN Optimer models working in tandem is an awesome sight as these mounted or trailed models can work across a cut of 12 metres (39.3ft) wide for the Optimer XL model to cater for large-scale operators seeking variable working depths of 50 to 150mm

The Optimer XL 12000 has been designed to increase material flow by limiting one disc per arm.

The design also reduces the risk of blockages with greater clearances under the disc train and underbeam and between disc trains.

With a wide range of rollers available for the Optimer XL 12000, KUHN allows the operator to choose the best roller for their desired result making the choice adaptable for each operation. 

Weighing in at 13.7 tonnes, the Optimer XL 1200 requires a minimum of 353kW (480hp) to operate.

The ideal working speed is 15kph and at that speed has the potential to cover up to 18 hect/hour.

KUHN engineers have also taken into consideration the need to transport the Optimer XL 12000, and its design allows it to be folded to 3 metres wide and 4 metres high for road transport with a hydraulic lock for extensions to ensure safety.

The innovative design and quality of the Optimer XL 12000 allows it to standout from its competitors as an efficient, low maintenance machine that will deliver consistent results.

See more about the KUHN Performer Series that offers offers four actions within one frame and the KUHN Optimer XL 12000 at: www.kuhn.com.au